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We believe in honesty & transparency - so, let's talk prices!

We thought we’d discuss our pricing philosophy in an open & honest way so that we’re all on the same page about why our products are priced as they are. Below, we’ve outlined the primary factors that affect how we determine our prices.

Unique R&D Process

The research and development process from which our formulas are born is different than that of other beauty companies. We don’t start out with a limited budget, such as x cents per ingredient. Instead, we start with a skin problem that needs a solution and we find the best natural ingredients available that will yield the most dramatic results.

Highest quality ingredients available

Not all natural ingredients are created equal. We use only the highest grade available which is always more expensive than the mass-produced (often unsustainable) alternative. Also, we don’t include ingredients because they are trendy, but rather for the benefits they offer.

High Concentrations of Natural Actives

Our formulas contain unprecedented concentrations of active ingredients – 9 to 38 per bottle. The average skincare typically contains between 1 and 3! We believe that every ingredient in a product should benefit your skin – no useless fillers.

Ecologically Sustainable

We strive to be ecologically sustainable every step of the way, starting with buying sustainably sourced cow powered Vermont electricity for our facility. We use recycleable glass bottles, recycled shipping and packing materials and treeless labels, all of which are more expensive than the standard alternatives.

Economic Viability

At the end of the day, given all of the expense factors above, we must price our products to sustainably support our business. We want to continue pursuing our mission to bring you the safe and effective products we feel you deserve!

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