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Welcome to Julius Kingdom, the Harper family farm!

One of our founding principals is the belief that the most potent and effective botanical ingredients for skincare, beauty and wellness products are organically grown and are as fresh as possible. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to produce for ourselves as many of our ingredients as we could, given our unique climate and soil conditions. Our farm has given us that chance!

“We believe in practicing sustainable agriculture so that our farm can contribute for generations to come”

Nestled in the heart of the Champlain Valley of Vermont, our 1,200 acre farm is home to the headquarters for the entire Tata Harper Skincare operation. In 2011, we took the steps to receive Organic Certification from Vermont Organic Farmers for herb production, fruit production and alfalfa and oat production because we believe in farming and gardening without the use of chemicals to respect the health of the land and our bodies. We do not use any chemicals in the process of growing the herbal and flower ingredients that we source for our products from our farm.

signEach year we cultivate herbs and flowers that we use in our proprietary formulas, including Meadowsweet, Arnica, Calendula, Borage, Lemonbalm, Safflower, Lavender and Alfalfa. All research and development, formulation, packaging and shipping happens here in our laboratory and facilities. By not outsourcing any part of the production process, and by sourcing many of our ingredients right from our back yard, we can maintain a low carbon footprint!

Cultivating our own ingredients gives us valuable insight into the agricultural aspect of product development; when we source ingredients from around the world, we use this knowledge to carefully choose farms that practice sustainable agriculture and meet the criteria of third-party certifiers like EcoCert. By being involved in every part of the process, we can’t help but have a strong sense of ownership and pride for our finished product.


Handmade with lve in Vermont

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