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wrinkles are disappearing...

By: Senna
City, State: CA
This is the most effective anti-wrinkle serum I've ever tried. Pricey but worth it, especially considering it's made from 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients. After using the serum for a couple of weeks I started noticing that my wrinkles were fading away and the contour of my face looked firmer, more rested. These products are so pure, of such high quality, it's a luxurious pleasure to put it on your skin but when you start seeing the effects, you'll become even more impressed. They combine the latest in natural ingredients, plant and flower extracts that are so powerful, some even the have the ability to relax muscles in your skin and replace botox, some fill out hollows and increase the size of fat cells, replacing fillers. High-tech, natural skin care that gives you phenomenal results, toxin-free- what's not to love!

I LOVE "being adored"!

By: Angela
City, State: Seattle, WA
This is my new favorite lip treatment. I use it everyday and everywhere! It glides on smoothly, has a really pleasant scent, and is NEVER greasy or sticky, which is what deters me from purchasing most lip products. I don't wear much makeup-- just foundation and subtle eyeliner, so the rosy tint of this lip balm gives me just the right amount of pop for work and for going out. Totally worth the price-- I will be getting it again for sure!

Finally found the perfect product!

By: Ellie
City, State: Seattle, WA
Love this moisturizer. I'm in my mid-forties and my face just soaks up this cream like crazy. The smell is a little strong at first (kind of like roses) and my boyfriend says I smell a bit like a spa but is that bad? ;-) I use it with the Exfoliating face wash and twice a week use the resurfacing mask (loving the limited edition wild plum mask) and my face is looking the healthiest it has in years. It took me a long time to find an all natural product… I'm hooked.

Not my favorite

By: adriane
City, State: Seattle, WA
On me, this smells like natural insect repellent. That's not necessarily a bad smell, but it's not really something I want to smell like. It's a very fresh, natural, hippie kind of smell, but I don't believe any of the ingredients in it really promote positive feelings or confidence. I'm glad I only bought the 5 mL roller ball.


By: Charlene
City, State: Miami, FL
This product is fantastic. I have used it for many reasons and was turned on to Tata Harper by my spa. I always use her products when getting a facial. The most amazing thing to me about this particular product is it's healing properties. I have used it for a rash I got from bad makeup under my eyes and it healed it in one (1) day, when nothing else worked. I have used it for tiny cracks at the corners of my mouth when I have had a cold or a sore nose and it works wonderfully and smells divine. Superior quality and wonderful multipurpose product.


By: Katharina Feigen
City, State: New York, NY
This delicious blend is simply divine. It smells like Paradise!!! It picks me up instantly at any moment of the day. I use it several times a day on a daily basis; and, for sure, my favorite time to wear it is on romantic evenings. It really is a 100% Liquid LOVE

Excellent Facial Oil

By: Anna Hornbeck
City, State: Nashville,TN
I really like this facial oil/nutrient complex on my skin. It smells divine and works very well on my skin. But, I wish I could get it with a pump version.

My new love!

By: Anastasia
City, State: Santa Barbara
This mask delivers!!! Deep cleans & exfoliates. M skin glows and feels hydrated...feels like a gave it a big dose of love!

Perfect healing oil

By: Simone
City, State: Michigan
The Replenishing Nutrient Complex was the first Tata Harper skin care product that I bought back in mid 2012. I have now just purchased by sixth bottle. Basically, my skin has greatly benefitted from this light and lovely oil, and when I ran out of it, days later, my skin and I missed it. The Nutrient oil gives my face a bonafide glow that no other product produces. I love it.


By: ana
City, State: Slovenia (EU)
After years of searching and trying and almost giving up I have finally found a top of the top, high quality natural skin care products. I couldn't be more happy about it. I have quite a few of TH products but let's focus on the Serum for a moment. It is just perfect. It is everything it needs to be and does everything it needs to do to your skin. The only surprise (just for a sec) was the white color because I was used to natural serums in the form of oil. So this is more like a "cream". It smells natural, fresh. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves the skin smooooooth. The skin doesn't get oily throughout the day at all. I can't recall when was the last time my skin was soooo smooth and beautiful. This Serum is basically a very, very healthy food for your skin. It dose to your skin face what a green juice dose to your general health (if you know what I mean). ;) Many say TH products are expensive. When it comes to health (in general of course, but in this case the health of our skin), should the price of it really matter that much? How much money do we spend in the supermarket for some very unhealthy food (and products) and we just don't care? I find those synthetic, cheap and toxic skin care brands way more overpriced then any organic/natural skin care product. That kind of products give you nothing and leave you full of toxins. Yes, TH are pricy but I look at them as a natural investment into my healthy skin not forgetting that health starts with what you put into your mouth. I would recommend TH products to anybody who cares, cares about themselves, about their health and about the environment as well. :)

Love, love, love this...

By: Tanya
City, State: CA
I have severely dry lips, and have tried all, and I do mean all, lip products to prevent this, however, all of the products I've tried before would only leave my lips even drier after the application had worn off...I purchased this set, and WOW! My lips feel moisturized long after it has worn off. The colored balm isn't drying at all, and leaves your lips looking rosy and beautiful. Love it so much, I signed up for auto-ship so I'm never without it. Thank you Tata Harper!!!


By: Mikey
City, State: New York
Thanks for the Test. Ignore this review, please don't delete.

Great for Sensitive Skin

By: Pamela Lialias
City, State: Portland, Oregon
With sensitive skin, exfoliators are difficult for my skin to tolerate. This one works like a charm, does not agitate my skin [as long as I glide over it, not scrub with a heavy hand]. I do not need any masque treatments with this one--I use a dime-sized amount of it only at night before bed [just let the water run over my face in the morning shower unless I've sweated at night, in which case if I feel oily I will wash again in the morning]. I use a fresh white washcloth nightly moistened with warm to hot water to gently remove the cleanser. I have small pores, which means they trap dirt easily and I'm prone to blackheads, and I get red pimples if I am too rough on my skin, even at age 43! One tube of this cleanser in Winter [using once/day, dime-sized amount] lasts me about 5 months [so it comes out to about $20/month]. I felt anxious about spending the money on it, but my husband begged me to do it because I was spending hundreds of dollars on products that didn't work and then having to give them away--and feeling disappointed. One more tip: I did try saving the end of a tube for travel, but by the time we took a trip several months later, it had gone rancid. So now I just take the whole tube or put some into one of those silicone travel tubes. The other serums etc. did not work for me, unfortunately--I follow-up with a dime-sized amount [for face and neck] of a simple combination of rose hip oil and hazelnut oil. Enjoy!

Not for me, repulsive

By: Cindy
City, State: Texas
My mother recently picked this up for me on one of her beauty excursions. I must say, although I like most Tata Harper Products, I don't like this at all. First, it smelled overwhelmingly like salad dressing. Not sexy, my husband actually made a comment that evening that I smelt like I went rolling in the garden. Second, the packaging, not my fav. It looks like Britney Spears perfume. Tata, please take note, this looks cheap. For a tiny bottle, 80 dollars should look much fancier. Don't sell out to the masses, keep it simple.


By: Angela
City, State: Canada
I purchased this and thought it was amazing - I loved the scent but when I just read all the ingredients was shocked to see it contained Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate and Benzyl salicylate. These ingredients although natural are rated moderately toxic in EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. I am a huge fan of Tata Harper and just assumed all its products conformed with its 100% natural and nontoxic luxury skincare motto. These questionable ingredients should be made more clear to customers willing to pay more for Tata Harper's products assuming they all comply with this value and therefore don't need to read ingredients.


By: Flowershop
City, State: California
I love this stuff. I love the smell of freshly cut flowers and this is it. It's happy, fresh, and all around wonderful. It gives me an uplifting feeling whenever I wear it.

Amazing lip treatment but bad packaging

By: Manasa
City, State: New York
I love this lip treatment. It moisturizes so well that my dry chapped lips feel moisturized and smooth overnight. But the packaging is a huge disappointment. The customer service was kind enough to send me a new one when I mentioned that the balm does not close properly. But now after using it for 20 days, I have the same problem. This issue was not there with the be adored lip treatment. I do hope you guys will look into the packaging as I love this product so much that I would hate to not order it again.

Soft, supple, radiant change!

By: Rachel
City, State: Walland, TN
What an amazing line! I have very sensitive skin and the mountain winter air had sapped it of all moisture, leaving me with a dull red complexion. After ONE DAY of using these products, I noticed a softness and glow that lasted all day! My skin felt amazing from my morning routine all the way to bedtime. I have been using the line for about a week now and have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful my complexion looks! As a bonus, the products smell AMAZING! I will definitely be investing into Tata Harper and her life changing skincare!


By: nina
City, State: Oakland CA
Just received a small sample of this with my order and will definitely be ordering the full size product. The scent is so fresh and natural but also potent. Very sexy and mood-boosting: the perfect combo. I love it!

Favorite Skincare Products

By: Sarah
City, State: Manchester, CT
OK, I have tried so many different brands of high-end skincare products and this brand is definitely the best by far. I received a bag containing the refreshing cleanser, serum, repairitive moisturizer, toner and the vitamin oil. I seriously received a compliment on "how great my skin looked" that same day--without any makeup! Thank you for the quality products, they are worth the price. Another loyal customer is born :)

Picture perfect

By: Simone Cromer
City, State: Ann Arbor, MI
I've been using the resurfacing mask for a while now, but it really did the job for my face when I was stressed out with Grad school. I used the mask on the morning of my graduation and the photos show that this mask gave me a glow and confidence to shine on this bright day. I love the resurfacing mask!


By: Sarah
City, State: Annapolis, MD
I don't have problems sleeping, but I gave this to my mother who does and she says she has never slept so well, so many nights in a row. I will never let her run out of this again, and I think she will make sure of it!


By: Maura
City, State: Ann Arbor , Michigan
This product has been a game-changer for my acne prone, dry, unpredictable skin! In three weeks my skin is clearer, less congested, and even. It really does detoxify your skin back to a GREAT glowing place :)

The whole family is hooked!

By: Jamie
City, State: Newport Beach, CA
I discovered Tata Harper products about 1 year ago and it has become my only skin care regime. Every product I use- from the hydrating essence to the skin serums and creams, even the body oil have improved the look of my 44 year old skin dramatically. I am not writing this review however after my 13 year old daughter had amazing results with the refreshing cleanser-it has nearly cleared her very bad case of acne which no amount of cleansers, facials or trips to the dermatologist were able to help- No, I am writing this review quite literally moments after my 21 year old son came down stairs- ready to go out on a Friday night-he had just shaved and his face looked amazing...he had discovered Tata Harpers Refreshing Cleanser! He claimed he didn't care for the smell-which is in my opinion the very best part of my face washing ritual- but said he would never use another cleanser again! I truly recommend this product for anyone and everyone as it really is an amazing cleanser.

Amazing Kit!

By: Chloe
City, State: NYC
Such a lovely kit-I'm thrilled with the samples & free gift...& love the green bag too! Ultra fast shipping & great cust. service. Thanks so much Oxox ♥