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Meet Tata

"I want to create beauty products that meet the standards of the modern woman: luxurious, effective, and nontoxic." - Tata Harper, co-CEO

What is my vision for Tata Harper Skincare?

My founding mission was to give the skincare industry a fresh start with highly effective and luxurious beauty products that are completely free of synthetic ingredients. I believe people deserve beauty products that deliver the results they want, without synthetic chemicals of concern. As a company we seek to challenge the assumption that ‘natural’ means less effective. I’m passionate about promoting a modern, health-conscious natural beauty lifestyle that’s committed to safety, honesty and sustainability.

Why was I inspired to create my own skincare line?

My stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, and through helping him change his lifestyle I started to pay more attention to my own and to examine everything I was putting in and on my body. I realized that the products I was using were full of potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals, but I couldn’t find any natural options that offered the results and experience of the efficacious luxury products I was used to, so I decided to create my own. I wasn’t looking to replicate products that were already on the market, but to make unparalleled luxury skincare.

Why did I choose beauty & wellness products?

Our modern pace of life is fast, busy and stressful – I wanted to create products that contribute to our health, well being and peace of mind.

What is my current skincare regimen? 

Taking care of your skin and keeping up with your skin care regimen is one of the ultimate ways you can show self care, which is so important these days. I'm a busy working mother of three, so I don't have a lot of free time - but I have 5 minutes to layer Rejuvenating Serum and Replenishing Nutrient Complex.

  • Before a night out, I always start with a quick face cleanse for a fresh start!
  • I pair Illuminating Eye Crème and Illuminating Moisturizer for a subtly radiant base.
  • Very Illuminating is a must for extra highlight on cheek bones and brow bones.
  • Next I apply Very Bronzing around the jawline for a hint of contour.
  • Don't forget your lips! Very Naughty is my go-to choice as a cheek and as lip stain/color base. The bright pop of color is so cheery and festive, and you can’t go wrong with a bold red lip.
  • I finish with Be Adored for the perfect pout.

Why do I continue to run the company?

I believe that a company that makes products for women should be run by a woman, someone they can trust who understands their needs.

Who are my products for?

My products are for women looking for beauty and wellness products that don't compromise on anything: quality and safety of ingredients, feel, or results.

Bergdorf Goodman

New York, NY
June 2nd
Meet Tata and receive a mini facial from our team of experts.
11 AM - 1 PM

RSVP via email [email protected]

Space NK Nolita

New York, NY
June 6th
Masterclass with Tata
6 PM - 8 PM

RSVP: 212.941.4200 or [email protected]

Detox Market

West Hollywood, CA
June 9th
Masterclass with Tata
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

RSVP here.

Neiman Marcus

Fort Worth, TX
June 20th
Masterclass with Tata
4 PM - 6 PM

RSVP to Suzanne Couch [email protected]

Neiman Marcus

Willow Bend, TX
June 21st
Masterclass with Tata
11 AM - 1 PM

RSVP to Tina Vasquez [email protected]

Neiman Marcus

Dallas, TX
June 21st
Masterclass with Tata
3 PM - 5 PM

RSVP to Wendy McDonald @ [email protected]

Neiman Marcus

San Antonio, TX
June 22nd
Masterclass with Tata
11 AM - 1:30 PM & 1:30-3pm

RSVP to Todd Clark @ [email protected]

Neiman Marcus

Houston, TX
June 23rd
Masterclass with Tata

RSVP to Adilia David @[email protected]

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