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5 rules for great skin through the winter 5

5 rules for great skin through the winter 5

So, it’s 43 degrees outside at our headquarters – which is decidedly not normal for Vermont winter. What happened to the piles of fluffy snow, the sub-zero temperatures, the frigid howling winds? Okay, so maybe it’s actually sort of nice that we don’t have to wear four layers to work every day (long underwear + shirt + sweater + jacket… we’re layering experts here!) but it still feels funny.

That said, we know that not the entirety of the country is experiencing the same Caribbean weather that we are here, so it’s still important for us to dive in to some winter skincare. The season’s not over yet, and who knows, maybe we’ll wake up to a -8 degree day this weekend (like we did last year for a whole month straight)!

Let’s talk best practices for taking care of the skin through the winter, ie, moisturizing and retaining that moisture. Cold weather saps the skin of moisture mainly because cold air is dry, and dry air pulls moisture from everything it touches, like your skin. That dry-ness can contribute to a dull, lifeless appearance – moisture can help give the skin an improved luminosity through the cold months. Plus, skin that’s properly moisturized makes it a lot easier to apply makeup – as you have a smooth, even surface with fewer cracks or textural issues – and even looks better under makeup.

Our first tip for winter skincare involves, of course, moisturizers. Double down – the more moisture, the better. The thing is, you want to pay attention to the quality of your moisturizer here. Ditch low-quality moisturizers that give the skin the feeling of hydration by coating it in soft silicones that actually just sit on the surface of the skin. Here, we’ll talk about the hydrating technology in our Repairative Moisturizer and Rebuilding Moisturizer, which contain hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin’s deeper layers, safflower oleosomes and raw honey to draw moisture into the skin from your environment all day long.

Next, lock in that moisture with a protective layer, so it isn’t quite so easily sapped with dry air. Our Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil provides a layer of antioxidant-rich moisture with biocompatible oils; it sinks in, leaving the skin soft and silky but not greasy – and works to keep the hydration in all day long.

Third, invest in a humidifier! We’re fond of this Honeywell model. It’s quiet, efficient, and isn’t too ugly! Humidifiers are helpful to keep in the spaces where you spend lots of time, like your bedroom or office. Keep it plugging away and you’ll feel the relief in your skin – it’s heplful for alleviating those unpleasant itchy, dry feelings when you have a cold, too.

Fourth, be sure to regularly exfoliate (we’re fond of exfoliating daily with the Regenerating Cleanser, which is excellent for daily use), because as you go about your daily business, your skin is shedding dead skin cells – and that layer of skin, unless cleared, is a barrier between your skin and your moisturizer. Think about it – applying a moisturizer on top of your dead skin means it can’t get in there, to do what it’s supposed to do! If your skin is feeling super congested, go for our Resurfacing Mask – there’s nothing better for giving the skin a fresh start.

That’s it for us today – four new things is a lot to try all at once! We hope you’re staying cozy and hydrated wherever you are – meanwhile we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for snow. xo!

  1. Rebuilding Moisturizer
    Rebuilding Moisturizer

    shine-eliminating hydration

  1. Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil
    Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

    a vitamin cocktail for your skin

  1. Regenerating Cleanser
    Regenerating Cleanser

    the signature tata glow starts here

  1. Resurfacing Mask
    Resurfacing Mask

    award winning glow giver

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