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8 Tips for Wasting Less (and Living More!)

8 Tips for Wasting Less (and Living More!)

When we recently spoke to Tata, she mentioned that one of her biggest goals was to reduce her and her family's total waste to better serve the environment.

“The other day when I was at the airport, it occurred to me how much waste went into buying a simple tea,” Tata recalled. “The cup, the sleeve, the plastic lid, the tea bag packaging. And that was just one tea!”

We’re all striving to live a Zero Waste lifestyle. The best part? It can be incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, and elegant, as we find ourselves being far more deliberate with our choices for how we live our lives.

Here are some of our favorite tips from across the web - and some of our team’s own tips for wasting less and living better.

More style, less plastic. While canvas bags and totes are an easy option, we love an elegant French net market bag or a playful Baggu reusable bag.

Eat beautifully. Plastic utensils are a drag, especially when you’re eating a hurried lunch at the office. Why not enjoy a healthy, beautiful meal - and reduce waste? Invest in a beautiful set of dishes for the office, elegant cutlery, cloth napkins, and proper glassware. While you’re at it, consider less lunchtime delivery and more homemade meals, beautifully transported in reusable containers. Put aside your phone, relax, and experience a quiet moment.

Enjoy a real coffee break. We all know to bring our reusable coffee cups and water bottles, but we absolutely love this tip from Andrea Arria-Devoe in Goop: “Take your coffee to stay. This also doubles as a mindfulness exercise because it forces you to slow down, take a few minutes, and then get on with your day.”

Connect with your community. There are a lot of reasons to love the farmers market - particularly the fresh, seasonal produce - but to ensure it’s a truly sustainable event, make sure you bring your own reusable bags, get to know your farmers to understand their practices, and plan ahead of time to reduce food waste. Other than that? Enjoy the dreamy vibes and feel connected to your neighbors.

Prettier products. The prettiest packaging also happens to be infinitely recyclable. That’s why we prefer glass packaging over plastic - it’s more beautiful and kinder to Mother Earth. Read about our sustainable packaging practices here.

One-of-a-kind style. Go vintage! If thrift store shopping isn’t for you, never fear: some of the best consignment and vintage experiences are online, beautifully curated, and include rare pieces that you’d never find at your average boutique. Our team loves 1st Dibs, The RealReal, and Farfetch!

Unforgettable gifts. Give the gift of a magical moment. Some of our favorite experiential gifts? A magic show for Valentine’s Day or a spa experience for a BFF’s birthday.

Fewer, better, versatile clothes. For basics that you need everyday, go versatile and durable. We love A Day for simple, chic items that can keep up with our hectic lives.

What are your environment-friendly tips that don’t compromise living the good life? Tell us on Instagram!

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