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A Day at Le Bristol with Tata

A Day at Le Bristol with Tata

Ah, Paris Fashion Week. The shows, the energy, the people watching. Few cities come close to the city of lights. We had the privilege of being backstage at the green queen of fashion, Stella McCartney’s show this year. No Paris trip is complete for me without a full day spent at the iconic, Le Bristol Hotel. Located in the 8th arrondissement, this landmark defines the epitome of French culture for both the new generation, as well as the old. It also happens to be the home of our Tata Harper Spa Room. Even more of a reason to pay this palace a visit.


History of the "Palace"

“Leave nothing to chance.” This was Hippolypte Jammet’s guiding philosophy when he designed the palace of his dreams in 1925. Jammet, took inspiration from his early childhood, and when the opportunity to purchase the 18th-century mansion in the heart of Paris, he knew he had to take it. He was 30 years old when he made the purchase of a lifetime. The attention to detail that went into building Le Bristol as well as the commitment to service, has since been attracting notable and important visitors from around the world. Through the years there have been many renovations to the famous hotel, as well as the inclusion of a new wing. In 2011 it became the first 5-star hotel in France to receive the distinction of “Palace.”


A Look Inside 

With almost 600 employees that work at Le Bristol, service is always top of mind. My favorite place to eat is in their Tea Time Café. The Pastry Chef, Julien Alvarez, makes some of the best sweets in the world, and when the weather allows, enjoying a coffee and croissant in their famous garden (which is 13,000 square feet!) is not to be compared. My favorite thing to order for lunch? Their Hamburger with crispy bacon. Seriously, it's to die for. If you’re looking for more dining options try the boiled eggs with Caviar at Epicure, their 3 Michelin star restaurant (Awarded Best Breakfast in the World by Conde Nast Traveler), or have the perfect French dinner at 114 Faubourg, their 1 Michelin star brasserie.


If you’re looking for a drink, grab a glass of Champagne during one of their Le Bristol After Dark evenings, which happen every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9:30PM until 2:30AM. You can enter through a hidden side door which leads you directly into the bar. Very VIP.

And before you leave, don’t forget to pay a visit to our special furry friend Fa-Raon. He’s a sweet little cat that lives at Le Bristol. Definitely the fanciest feline we know!

Sit Back and Relax

I had such bad jet lag on this trip. I travel quite often so normally my jet lag isn’t too terrible, but this time was so different. I headed straight to Delphine, my go-to esthetician at our Tata Harper Spa, to help my skin recover. Her hands are magic.


Our spa was designed by the incredible Parisian architectural duo Yann Le Coadic and Alessandro Scotto.It was made to look like a French boudoir while feeling like our little piece of Vermont in Paris.


“Through the use of typically French elements like a diamond glass screen, gloss lacquered moldings, green velvet divan, floral wallpaper, and French vintage mirrors, we shaped an immersive environment. It works around an elegant play on light, transparency, and reflection that provides an overall sense of well-being." We offer a menu of several different facials, and Delphine will work with you to find out which one best suits your unique skin type.


It also happened to be the 1 year anniversary of our spa this month! The Le Bristol team was so sweet and made up a special pastry to celebrate. We can't believe it’s already been one whole year of our Tata Harper Spa Room!


Neighborhood Highlights 

The SaintHonoré / Matignon district is known for its art galleries. A few steps from the hotel is the Elysee, the house of the French President, and Rue Du Faubourg. St Honore also is definitely one of the best shopping areas in Paris. I love the Parc Moncea, located not too far from La Bristol. I always need a bit of greenery when visiting a city. It helps me to re-energize on a busy trip like this one. The Arc de Triomphe and Grand Palais also reside in the 8th Arrondissement, which are must see’s when in this part of the neighborhood.

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