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Self-Care Sunday: Blemish Tips From Team Tata

Self-Care Sunday: Blemish Tips From Team Tata

We hear you loud and clear. Breakouts are a pain and so many of us experience them. We asked some of our team members at Tata Harper Skincare about their personal experiences with blemishes and what their favorite tips are for managing breakouts. Here are a few to give a try:

Eat your carrots

Carrots are particularly rich in antioxidants which help eliminate blemish causing toxins. They are also rich in Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which works against blemishes.

play with your food

Cut up a potato and apply to any area with an active breakout for about 5 minutes as a topical treatment. Potatoes have high levels of beneficial ingredients like sulfur, chloride, potassium, and phosphorus which are known to help with blemishes when applied topically.

wipe it away

Something we’re all guilty of? Not cleaning our cell phones. The amount of germs that live on your phone and get transferred to your face are a big breakout culprit, especially around your cheeks, jawline and chin. Avoid these blemishes by cleaning your phone with an antibacterial wipe daily.

cool down

Icing blemishes helps to reduce inflammation making them less visible.

laundry time

Have some extra pillowcases on hand and change them every other day to keep oil and dirt from your face as it can spread and cause pores to get clogged resulting in blemishes. Sundays are a perfect laundry day getting you ready for the week ahead.


Give yourself a nice facial massage with oil. The right oils break down and dissolve pore-clogging dirt extremely effectively, leaving skin moisturized and soft before you wash your face. We recommend our Nourishing Oil cleanser for facial massaging followed by our Clarifying Cleanser for clean baby soft skin that’s free from pore-clogging debris.

pour yourself some green tea

Green tea is widely regarded as one of the best all-around "superfoods," that reduce inflammation. Topical use of green tea reduces sebum production, gets rid of oiliness and protects against blemish-causing bacteria. Inside and out green tea helps to reduce the severity of breakouts.

take a breath

Practice some deep breathing and meditation exercises to reduce stress-induced cortisol, a cause of blemishes, in addition to making you feel blissful.

Mask and bath time

The right mask can do wonders for your skin, and if a bath relaxes you, it will reduce cortisol like breath and meditation, so coupled they make a truly winning solution for breakouts. We recommend our Clarifying Mask, the ultimate weapon against any skin imperfection to get your skin back to looking healthy, balanced, and clear.

Brush it away

Wash your makeup brushes once a week. Makeup tools collect so much dirt and bacteria that when it comes time for makeup application they become major culprits in breakouts.

No time for angry skin

Manually exfoliate more gently and try cutting it down to once a week. Harsh and overly frequent scrubbing just makes any blemishes you have even angrier.

Sounds fishy

Omegas are really amazing at keeping down inflammation. Taking an omega supplement every day or eating foods naturally high in omegas such as salmon go a long way with helping the inflammation that comes along with blemishes.


Non-pore clogging moisturizers and oils are your friends, not foes. Drying out your skin only makes matters worse. Dry skin produces more sebum which can lead to more blemishes. We recommend our breakout friendly Clarifying Moisturizer and Beautifying Face Oil to keep you hydrated and clear.

Hands off

Hands have oils and bacteria that can make you breakout. It’s hard, but once you start noticing how often you touch your face you’ll see how it might be what’s giving you blemishes. Try keeping your hands away from your face, it can end up making a big difference.

Wash less

Seems counterintuitive but there’s no such remedy as washing your breakouts away by washing your face multiple times a day. Your best bet? Wash when you wake up and before you go to bed. On that note use a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin making it more irritated, dry, and prone to breakouts. We recommend our Clarifying Cleanser to keep skin clean and balanced.

Don't pick and prod

Trying to squeeze your blemish away can not only cause blemish-causing bacteria to spread, but cause inflammation, and even scarring. Instead try using a gentle but effective topical treatment right on the blemish, leave it on, and let it do its work. We recommend our Spot Solution and a little patience even though we know it can be hard, you’ll be happier in the long run.

Spot on

Want to take your spot treatment to the next level and reduce the swelling of your blemish? For spot treatment layer our Spot Solution over our Retinoic Nutrient Complex which is amazing for inflammation. Apply the Spot Solution over it with clean hands throughout the day.

Team Tata's Favorite Breakout Busters

  1. Clarifying Mask
    Clarifying Mask

    Your Complexion Clearing Treament

  1. Beautifying Face Oil
    Beautifying Face Oil

    Your Lightweight, Revitalizing Face Oil

  1. Clarifying Moisturizer
    Clarifying Moisturizer

    Your Lightweight, Blemish Clearing Moisturizer

  1. Clarifying Cleanser
    Clarifying Cleanser

    Your Blemish Clearing Cleanser

  1. Clarifying Spot Solution
    Clarifying Spot Solution

    Your Nourishing Spot Treatment

  1. Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil
    Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil - 30 ML

    Your Lighweight, Youth-Giving Face Oil

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