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Adult Breakouts vs Teen Breakouts

Adult Breakouts vs Teen Breakouts

While teen breakouts are often caused by a winning combination of hormones and over-productive oil glands, adult breakouts factor in aging, as if they weren’t bad enough on their own. As your skin ages, it experiences slowed cellular turnover, which encourages oil build up and ultimately causes inflammation and pimples. That’s why we launched our Clarifying Cleanser, so you can stop reaching for the drying cleansers and give your skin what it really needs.

Teen Breakouts


 everywhere and anywhere.


 Usually needs more aggressive treatments and harsh astringents to reduce oil.

Adult Breakouts


usually on the chin and jawline


Adult blemishes dry out a lot more quickly and over productive oil glands aren’t an issue, so you’ll need products that nourish your skin and promote cell turnover.

 Other causes: menstruation, emotional stress, diets (with high glycemic load, like bread, rice, pasta).

What makes this cleanser different than old-school Noxzema pads?

  • Because your skin is more fragile when you’re an adult, you need blemish solutions that nourish and repair your skin instead of irritating it.
  • You want to avoid drying out your skin. Remember, hydrated skin is happy skin! Even if you have oily or blemish-prone skin, hydration is not the enemy. In fact, dry skin (or over-dried skin caused by harsh astringents and soaps) could be a contributing factor to your breakouts.


  • This cleanser targets blemish-causing impurities with prickly pear flower enzymes that encourage cell renewal to help gently clear buildup, while salicylic acid from white willow bark helps clean pores. Wild crafted juniper fruit helps balance oil and sebum without disrupting the natural pH-balance, meaning you’re getting the matte finish you want without over-drying or stripping your skin. Chlorella has natural components of vitamins and minerals that nourish skin to help soothe redness and calm irritation. The result is that deep-clean feel and comfortably matte finish you’re looking for without drying out your skin.
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