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All I Want For Father's Day...

All I Want For Father's Day...

With Father's Day just around the corner, we'll let you in on a little secret: Dads LOVE a good skincare routine! Plus, spending quality time together masking and practicing self-care is fun for the whole family.

Our Co-CEO and father of three, Henry Harper, recently spent an afternoon doing just that with his three kids. Once everyone was glowing, he sat down with us to share his favorite products and the gift he’s really hoping to receive this Father’s Day.


Q: Which products do you use daily?

A: I like to keep my skincare routine simple — I’m definitely a skincare minimalist! Every morning and night, I cleanse with the Regenerating Cleanser, and then apply Crème Riche. At night, for an extra boost, I’ll add in the Rejuvenating Serum as well.

Q: What lesson do you want to pass on to your kids about self care?

A: Take care of your vessel! Your body — including your skin, your largest organ — is yours to take care of for life, so treat it accordingly.

Q: What's the best gift you would love to receive for Father's Day?

Henry Harper

A: I would love to receive dog walking (more like running!) services from the kids this year. We have five dogs and they have a lot of energy!

Q: What's your desert island, can't-live-without product?

A: Crème Riche — hands down. When I shave, my skin always feels dry and stripped — and I take hot showers which I know is not the best for your skin. Luckily, Creme Riche always makes my face feel comfortable and calm again.

Gift Guide

For The Dad That's Always On-The-Go:

For the Dad that's always traveling - extra hydration and nourishment is a must. Our Crème Riche is a skincare staple and a Team Tata favorite among all the guys (and gals) in our office. It's also a great option to help heal skin that's had a little extra sun or wind burn....perfect for the adventure seeker who's always off biking or sailing! 

For The Skincare Minimalist:

Just like Henry, a lot of Dads like to keep it super simple with their skincare. Our suggestion is to start with the most basic essential: a good face cleanser! Our Regenerating Cleanser is a gentle exfoliator and an all time favorite among guys. The blend of clay, pomegranate enzymes, and apricot powder helps brighten and invigorate the complexion. 

  1. Crème Riche
    Crème Riche

    Anti-Aging Peptide Night Cream

  1. Regenerating Cleanser
    Regenerating Cleanser - 125ML

    Daily BHA Exfoliator

  1. Rejuvenating Serum
    Rejuvenating Serum - 30ML

    Anti-Aging Neuropeptide Serum


For The Workaholic:

Our Rejuvenating Serum is a skin miracle worker with natural neuropeptides for early signs of aging. It's Henry's favorite PM tick to make his skin look a little more like Hunters. 

If your dad is also always on the go-go-go, this serum is an easy and simple way to take better care of skin and counteract any signs of stress or fine lines. 

For Shaving Essentials:

Our Hydrating Floral Mask & Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer is the perfect duo for post shave - to soothe and calm dry, sensitive skin.  Both are filled with vitamins and minerals to nourish, comfort, soothe redness, and leave skin hyper-hydrated without feeling heavy. 

Even better? Did you know our Nourishing Oil Cleanser can double as a shaving cream? Say goodbye to conventional (toxin filled) shaving creams and introduce your Dad to a silky smooth shave with this multi-vitamin cleansing treatment. 

  1. Hydrating Floral Mask
    Hydrating Floral Mask

    Multi-Hyaluronic Acid Redness Reducing Mask

  1. Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer
    Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer

    Your Weightless Gel Water Moisturizer

  1. Nourishing Oil Cleanser
    Nourishing Oil Cleanser

    Vitamin E + A Antioxidant Makeup Remover


Still Can't Decide?

Contact our Skincare Concierge team to ask any questions you may have about finding the perfect gift custom made for your Dad! 

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