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Back to School Regimen

Back to School Regimen

Hello! My name is Sofia Aldana, of @makeupsofiaaldana. I am starting my new year at FIDM, currently studying Beauty Marketing & Merchandise.

As a Beauty Marketing student, I am also a makeup lover. In fact, I LIVE for it. As much fun as makeup can be, I understand the importance of having a healthy canvas to work with before applying my favorite mascaras and cheek tints. This is why I take my skincare routine so seriously.

If I’m serious about taking care of my skin, I’m going to use the BEST ingredients for it - that's why I'm a total Tata superfan. Each of Tata's products are infused with fresh botanicals and essential oils that, quite honestly, take me on imaginary trips to lux spas each morning and night - which I really need after a packed day of classes, studying, homework, friends and this LA pollution. With products that feel this good, my new skincare routine has become a strict part of my daily self-care routine. 

"With products that feel this good, my new skincare routine has become a strict part of my daily self-care routine. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the day, or start my morning classes on a more mindful note.” 
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To start, I lather my face with the Clarifying Cleanser. This product is my favorite because it prevents breakouts while leaving my skin refreshed and ready for the day! Before bed, this cleanser also helps wash away all of my makeup and product build up.

Paso 1: Siempre empiezo con el Clarifying Cleanser. Es mi jabon de la cara favorito porque ayuda a prevenir brotes mientras que deja mi piel fresca y lista para el dia! Antes de dormir tambien lo utilizo para asegurarme que la piel me quede limpia y libre de maquillaje.


Next, I mist my face with the Hydrating Floral Essence. I really love the smell of this product, and it feels so light and refreshing on my skin. This mist is also the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day, or can be used as a makeup setting spray.

Paso 2: Despues uso el Hydrating Floral Essence. Amo el olor de este producto porque es una agua ligera que refresca y esta llena de ingredientes anti oxidantes que iluminan mi piel y la deja suave.


I follow with the Resurfacing Serum which I looooove because it prevents aging while leaving the daily dose of glow. This serum is packed with all the skin-loving antioxidants that help brighten and smooth my complexion.

Paso 3: Sigo con el Resurfacing Serum que amooo! Ayuda a prevenir los signos de vejez mientras me da mi dosis diaria de iluminacion. Este suero esta lleno de ingredients que mi piel ama, la deja luminosa y sedosa. 


Up next, I dab on a bit of the Illuminating Eye Crème. With real diamond dust for a highlighting effect, this treatment instantly brightens the eye area. On days when I am running out to class after a late night, this is the perfect way to give my eyes a little boost in the morning and help cover up any dark circles.

Paso 4: Luego me aplico un poco del Illuminating Eye Creme. Tiene particulas de diamentes que dejan el contorno de ojos iluminado y ayuda a disminuir ojeras. Es perfecto para los dias que este corriendo para clase o cuando no he dormido.


I apply the Clarifying Moisturizer to lock in hydration and give my skin a matte finish. This moisturizer is the best at nixing any pesky break outs or blemishes - as well as preventing them from happening in the first place!  

Paso 5: Para terminar mi rutina de cuidado de piel utilizo el Clarifying Moisturizer para hidratar la piel pero con un toque seco. Este hidratante ayuda a calmar y combatir el acne, y los previene!


To finish, I apply a small amount of the Very Naughty cream blush to my lips and cheeks. This gives me the perfect pop of natural color for an easy, everyday look. I like to save time and look my best, so I don’t go too heavy on the day-to-day shenanigans - I leave that for the weekend or a fun event!

Paso 6: Por ultimo, utilizo un poco del blush en crema Very Naughty, lo aplico en mis mejillas y en los labios para el color perfecto para el diario. No uso mucho maquillaje de diario, solo lo necesario para verme y sentirme bien. Los fines de semana son para divertirse y experimentar con el maquillaje!


So there it is! This six-step regimen has been a total game changer for my skin. I love finding (and sharing!) products and makeup that highlight my best features while giving my skin an overall glow. Plus, it’s so easy to incorporate this routine into my busy schedule. In fact, it’s the best way to make sure I am treating myself to a little “me time” each day. BONUS TIP: If I want to go a little *extra* with my skincare game, I make sure to wake up a bit earlier to use my Clarifying Mask for the ultimate glow!

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