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Batching with Tata: Winter Rose Resurfacing Mask

Batching with Tata: Winter Rose Resurfacing Mask

We know how much you loved the Rose Resurfacing Mask we batched this past summer, so we are bringing it back for a Winter Rose Holiday Exclusive! Tata hand-batched just 300 units, making each a coveted holiday essential. Each jar is filled with the essential oil of 18 roses harvested from Tata’s organic garden. This infusion helps give your skin an extra boost of hydration & replenishment - making it the perfect treatment for parched winter skin. 

From the batching room, Tata described the intimate process of making skincare products, and watching the formulas transform in texture and color as each of the natural ingredients are added. 

This is one of those awesome things about our company - we make all of our products here on our farm in Vermont and don’t outsource production any step of the way. - Tata 

From our garden to your beauty shelf, we can’t wait for you to experience the amazing healing benefits of our small-batched rose essential oil. In addition to its sweet, balanced aroma that both uplifts & promotes wellbeing, rosehip oil helps hydrate the skin and has many powerful anti-aging properties. Combined with the instant-glow of our Resurfacing Mask, this is truly a luxurious treat for your skin. 

Each drop of our rose essential oil contains 50 roses - so each time you use the product it’s like putting a bouquet of roses all over your skin. It’s the perfect treatment for petal-soft, dewy skin all year round - and especially through these cold winter months!

Batching with Tata

Get a behind the scenes look from the batching room with Tata: 


    Limited Edition Resurfacing Mask with Winter Rose Scent

    You just missed it. A fresh batch is coming soon.
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