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be bold for change

be bold for change

It’s a momentous time to be female. Privileged by the progress before us and energized by the challenges ahead, we’re humbled and hungry to leave our daughters and sons a world of gender equality. With International Women’s Day one week away, we’re looking around with a tinge of pride followed by a sense of accountability: at Tata Harper, women are running this show, and flipping “business as usual” on its head.

Every day we work toward creating the highest quality formulas so that women don’t have to sacrifice results for health. We might be the only players in our industry that spend exponentially more on research, development, and manufacturing than on marketing (which isn’t always easy, but at least we have our priorities straight). Maybe that’s because a woman’s in charge, and maybe some entrepreneurs think that’s crazy—everyone thought Tata was crazy when she started. 

Our headquarters, where women are promoted, celebrated, and granted the opportunity to create and innovate on behalf of other women is our living contribution to #BEBOLDFORCHANGEThis month, it feels good not to have to look far for a story to tell. 

In our daily grind, the game has changed: beauty consumers have more choices that consider their health over cutting corners than when we started. We’re happy to have competition, and we hope that closing the gender gap is a priority for the entire beauty industry. 

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