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Beauty Rituals with Rose

Beauty Rituals with Rose

It’s no secret that roses are the queens of the early summer garden. Their vibrant color and fragrant, luscious petals make these flowers a favorite on the farm. But the rose is also a classic skincare staple that has stood the test of time. From Ancient Egypt to modern spas, there's a reason this flower has been used for thousands of years. Here, we’ve rounded up 5 centuries-old beauty rituals with rose that are still just as effective today.


It is believed that rosewater was an integral ingredient in Cleopatra’s ancient beauty ritual. When steeped in hot water, rose petals release natural oils packed with anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, creating a calming and restorative skincare treatment.

Rosewater could even be considered one of the first facial essences - its rejuvenating capabilities are mirrored in modern essences, including our Hydrating Floral Essence.


Marie Antoinette is said to have relied on nightly use of paraffin wax and rose oil to achieve soft hands. To ensure callus-free skin, she slept in gloves coated in wax and rose oil for a deeply moisturizing treatment. Known for her infatuation with fragrances, Antoinette also collaborated with French perfumers to create signature scents using rose.


Rose baths have been a beloved healing ritual for centuries. Beyond their sweet scent used to perfume Ancient Roman baths, roses are packed with nourishing properties that have made rose baths a timeless therapeutic ritual. 

Our favorite modern take? We love taking inspiration from healer Mama Medicine, the queen of modern - and breathtakingly beautiful - healing baths. Her new book, Ritual Baths, explores how we can incorporate the healing powers of crystals, salts, and flowers into our own self-care regimens.


In traditional Chinese medicine, rose is a hero ingredient when it comes to regulating qi, or energy in the body that must be balanced for good health. By improving the body’s energy flow, rose reduces stress, physical pain, and skin irritation. Chinese medicine also relies on rose to improve blood circulation and digestion. 

Inspired by rose’s healing properties and in celebration of summer scents on the farm, we’ve created a Limited Edition Jumbo Resurfacing Mask with rose, jasmine, lavender, and chamomile.

This is your favorite glow mask, but bigger! And now infused with a revitalizing summer blend of fresh flowers, including 2,562 Bulgarian rose petals. What’s more, it comes with our ultra-soft mask brush for the ultimate at-home-spa experience. 

This mask is the star of one of Tata’s recent favorite rituals: mask and mediation. Making space for a moment of meditation after applying this therapeutic mask is the perfect way to slow down and take a second of you-time. A thick layer of Resurfacing Mask will leave you with a fresh complexion and clear mind upon rinsing off. This is one summer exclusive you don’t want to miss…