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Behind-The-Bathroom with Leti Herrera Grendene

Behind-The-Bathroom with Leti Herrera Grendene

Next up in our Behind-The-Bathroom with Women We Love series, we decided to reach out to one of our favorite lifestyle trend-setters, Leti Herrera Grendene, co-founder of Casa Tua & Casa Tua Lifestyle.

With locations in Miami and Aspen, Leti's goal in creating a dining experience that blends the five senses was to have guests leaving Casa Tua feeling as if they had just visited the home of a good friend.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t wait to learn more about how Leit balances motherhood with her everyday rituals to curate such a beautiful, wellness-inspired lifestyle.  

Q&A With Leti Herrera Grendene, Co-Founder of Casa Tua & Casa Tua Lifestyle:  

Q: What’s your hyphenated title? 

A: Monther-Entrepreneur-Soul Seeker

Q: What is the one little thing that you do for yourself that makes you feel good everyday?

A: I meditate every day. It helps me stay centered and balanced.

Q: What is a key part of your daily wellness ritual (either morning or night)?

A: I make my own beauty cubes, which consists of freezing natural ingredients into ice cubes. I’ve been doing it for years. In the morning I use a cucumber cube and rice cube. I end the day with a pomegranate cube and a rice cube. It helps to tighten, brighten and de-puff skin.

Q: How much time do you spend in the bathroom getting ready in the morning versus at night?

A: I’m very quick in the mornings. I apply my beauty cubes, moisturizer, and sunscreen and am out the door to start my day. I spend much more time in the evening and find it almost ritualistic to run a bath and apply my creams, Tata Harper being my favorite of course, my cubes and my oils. 

Q: Are you a bath or shower person and why?
A: I love a bath in the evening to wind down and a cold shower in the morning to start my day.

Q: Would you say you are a beauty minimalist or maximalist?

A: Minimalist all the way. 

Q: Are you for nip & tuck or against it? 

A: I’ve learned to never say never, but I do want to grow old gracefully. Still not sure how I feel about it....

Q: What’s your most important beauty secret and who did you learn it from?

A: Joan Crawford used to splash ice water on her face 25 times a day. My beauty cubes are a play on that and I took inspiration from her. 

Q: What on-the-go products do you always have in your purse?
A: Very Popular, lipliner, lipstick, and my favorite Tata Harper Products, Boosted Contouring Eye Mask and Rejuvenating Serum to brighten up my look on-the-go.

Q: Who do you share your skincare products with? 

A: My daughter Ale (she is 20 now and following in her mama’s footsteps) and my sisters. I am one of five girls!

Q: How have you introduced beauty and self-care to your children? 
A: They have grown up seeing me take care of my skin and my body. My skincare regimen started in my 20’s and is part of my daily routine. It's something that comes naturally to me. Your children watch you and imitate you — so it almost comes naturally to them too. My exercise routine has always come from sports — we are a sporty family and that is how we stay fit.  

Q: What beauty advice did your mom give you that you remember best?
A: Less is more!

Q: What is the best gift you ever received for Mother's Day? What advice do you have for someone when thinking about what to get their mom for Mother's Day?
A: Spa day! Followed by phone free family day. It’s so important to fully disconnect from the devices that keep us so connected. 

Q: What would you like your children and grandchildren to remember about you? 
A: I hope they remember that I poured my heart into everything I did, unapologetically. I hope they remember my love of nature, the value of friendship and the importance of family.

The Takeaway:

Follow Leti's journey of balancing motherhood, wellness, work and everything in-between here

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