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Behind-The-Bathroom with Sara Colombo

Behind-The-Bathroom with Sara Colombo

Next up in our Behind-The-Bathroom with Women We Love series, we decided to reach out to one of our favorite lifestyle trend-setters, Sara Colombo, of Nest Casa. 

Sara’s vision when she founded Nest Casa was to create a space with finely crafted merchandise that are exquisitely designed. Inspired by European craftsmanship, Sara has a passion (and such a talent!) for designing an interior space that sparks a feeling of warmth and beauty. 

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t wait to learn more about how Sara balances motherhood with her everyday rituals to curate such a beautiful, wellness inspired lifestyle.  

Q&A With Sara Colombo, Founder of Nest Casa:  

Q: What’s your hyphenated title? (Ex: Mother - Entrepreneur - Chef)

A: Mother- Entrepreneur – Fitness Enthusiast - Philanthropist

Q: What is the one little thing that you do for yourself that makes you feel good everyday?

A: I must admit that is probably the most challenging part of my day, to find time for myself!  I try very hard to exercise everyday; it keeps me sane. 

Q: What is a key part of your daily wellness ritual (either morning or night)?

A: Fresh juice in the morning first thing. Usually celery, cucumber and ginger. 

Q: Are you a bath or shower person and why?

A: I would be the happiest girl ever if I could take a bath everyday instead of a shower.  I love the time to relax and go through my beauty regimen of scrubs and masks. 


Q: Would you say you are a beauty minimalist or maximalist?

A: Minimalist without a doubt. My beauty philosophy is skin, skin, skin… the rest is just there to slightly enhance.

Q: What on-the-go products do you always have in your purse?

Always a little Mason Pearson hairbrush because I am a disaster when it comes to styling my hair. You will always find Tata’s Aromatic Stress Treatment, a hand cream, Orlane lip balm, and Byredo hand sanitizer in Vetyver.


Q: What beauty advice did your mom give you that you remember best?

A: I remember three things my Mom always told me about skin: NEVER go to sleep with makeup on, get regular facials (and use the best products you can afford) and always wear sunscreen. Looking back she was ahead of the curve on the sunscreen, that was not something that was widely done when I was little. I think growing up in Canada we had little sun exposure most of the year so when the summer arrived we were always in danger of getting a burn.

Q: How have you introduced beauty and self-care to your children?

A: It is really important to me that my children understand beauty and self care are not vanity, but also healthy choices. A simple task like washing your face properly each evening with a gentle, natural cleanser is very important. My 11 year old is just starting to have changing skin so we do Tata's Purifying Mask once a week to help. I will says girls are much easier to teach than boys! Sun protection is also something I really try to make them take responsibility for… living in Florida it is essential and can have long lasting health issues if not addressed. I am a huge believer in massage for relaxation and health and I have no trouble convincing them that they will benefit as well!

Q: What is the best gift you ever received for Mother's Day? What advice do you have for someone when thinking about what to get their mom for Mother's Day?

A: The best gift I received on Mother’s Day… that was a poster board my kids made for me that they colored and designed themselves. It was full of pictures they had printed and written messages on each one. It was particularly sweet because they were quite young but knew their father would probably forget about Mother’s day and they wanted me to have something to open (to his defense, he is Italian and Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different day)

My advice for Mother’s Day gifting is simple… don’t forget your Mother and the best thing a Mother can receive is appreciation from her family. Gifts should be a treat meant to spoil her! I have my eye on the Revitalizing Body Oil and Smoothing Body Scrub, in case my children are reading this.  

Q: What would you like your children and grandchildren to remember about you?

A: To me it is important that my children and grandchildren remember me as someone who taught them, by example, to be responsible, self-reliant, trustworthy and empathetic to others. A big part of the way I am trying to raise my children is to be aware of the world around them and what impact they can have on it.

The Takeaway:  

If you're in Miami, NEST CASA’s retail location is located in the newest hot spot shopping area in Miami, Brickell City Centre. Otherwise, scroll through her website to shop her curated collection of home & gift inspiration.  

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