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behind the scenes with maiyet

behind the scenes with maiyet

1. Tell us a little bit about the story behind Maiyet. How did the brand get started?

With a goal to bring dignity to artisans and reevaluate traditional craftsmanship in a globalized world, human rights lawyer Paul van Zyl founded the Maiyet concept.
Maiyet is deeply committed to forging partnerships with artisans that promote self sufficiency and entrepreneurship in developing economies, and the craftsmanship on display throughout Maiyet is a result of extensive research around the globe.

2. Your designs have such a unique and raw aesthetic. What inspires you?

We are very much inspired by the techniques of our artisans; many of our partners work in remote places in the world, and we marry their creativity to our modern aesthetic. Contemporaneous artists and photography further inspire us to create new graphic expressions with our designs.

3. What draws you to each of the artisans that you partner with?

We choose the artisans on the basis of their unique skills, as well as their social and ethical approach to their workers and environment. We rely heavily on the support of our partner organization Nest, an independent non profit organization dedicated to training and developing artisan businesses.

4. What made you want to partner with Tata Harper Skincare on this collaboration?

Tata Harper and Maiyet are both dedicated to extreme transparency about their process. Both of our brands are committed to respecting the environment in which we live, and we offer products which incite the confidence and consciousness of our clients. An important common goal is to create and promote a positive social impact in the luxury industry.

5. What does “luxury” mean to you?

I believe “luxury” means quality, creativity and authenticity; luxury is an innate appreciation for the combination of human values, thoughts and technicality in a product, object or piece. The final ingredient for luxury to be realized is the ability to bring the feeling of emotion behind a fabric, shape, or scent.

6. Where do you think the future of fashion is headed?

Fashion will always be strongly linked to how human beings live, think and feel. While we will soon be able to read the future of fashion through new 3D embroideries and other technologies, fashion is rapidly evolving within a world where art, creativity and functionality are necessities. This convergence of craftsmanship and technology will enable us to better preserve natural resources, maintain local production and communication, and thereby will bring fashion into a better, more sustainable.

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