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crème riche: by the numbers

crème riche: by the numbers

3 Years.
The amount of time it took to formulate Crème Riche. We knew our clients were searching for a velvet moisturizing cream that did not require them to compromise their health for beauty. In turn, Crème Riche was born.

3 Female Scientists.
Our 3 female scientists worked rigorously to formulate and perfect our recipe for Crème Riche. When using this product, we hope you feel proud in knowing it was formulated by women, for women.

36 Formulations.
It took 36 formulations to achieve the Crème Riche you use today. Through an intense process of formulating and reformulating, our scientists were able to create our richest moisturizer to date.

43 High Performance Ingredients.
Including Sugar Acid Complex to hydrate & plump appearance of skin, Candle Tree Leaf to act on visible signs of photo-aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, Red Maple Bark to fight free radicals with 5X the power of Vitamin C, and Winged Kelp to help give skin a tighter, more toned looking appearance.

3 Pages of Batching Instructions.
In our in-house lab in Vermont our batching team works through 3 pages of instructions in order to complete one full batch of Crème Riche.

8 Hours.
The amount of time it takes to make one batch of Crème Riche. The complexity of this formula is not only in the choice of ingredients and formulation, but in the creation and batching process of Creme Riche. Here at Tata Harper Skincare, we truly believe that more is more.

1 New Icon.
We all have that one icon. That influential woman in our life that taught us the importance of self care and wellness. We know you shouldn’t have to compromise your health for results, so we created a hydration packed cream to do just that - for you and your icon.

Meet Crème Riche.
Our richest moisturizer. While minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles it delivers smooth looking skin with no harmful synthetics and all natural ingredients. Give your skin the hydration it's been craving: Meet the new Crème Riche.

  1. Crème Riche
    Crème Riche

    our richest moisturizer ever

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