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Cure Your Holiday Hangover

Cure Your Holiday Hangover

Regardless of what state you found yourself on January 1st, you probably experienced some degree of a Holiday Hangover. Now, a Holiday Hangover is a little different from your run-of-the-mill hangover: the former is less about the cocktails you sipped, and more about your readiness to start afresh and refocus on yourself.

In 2018, our guiding principle is to be a Glow Getter: someone who glows inside-out everyday; who is thoughtful with her time and intentional with her energy; who prioritizes her wellness, her dreams, and the people she loves.

Rather than provide you with a laundry list of resolutions, try our favorite tips to transform your energy instantly and get back to being your Glow Getter self. We’re ready for you, 2018!

Super supplements. Saffron is an incredible, proven, all-natural mood lifter. Tata likes to take clinical grade saffron twice a day.

Say f*ck it. We’re all reading - and loving - Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Detoxify...your relationships. Skip the juice cleanse and focus on better friendships. And make time in real life for the people who bring you joy, whether it’s a phone call or dinner.

Breathe better. Simple breathwork is incredibly powerful. The next time you feel frustrated or anxious, try this: take 10 deep breaths from your heart, and then think about one thing that makes you feel grateful. It will change your outlook instantly.

Play mind games. We love a good 5-minute meditation, but if you’re looking to re-invigorate your meditation game, try a little lucid dreaming. Or if you’d prefer to take it outside, check out meditation centers and events like MNDFL, Inscape, or the Big Quiet.

Get crystal clear. Selenite is a powerful, energy-healing crystal. There are many uses for the crystal, but we love to use it to clear energy blockages. Simply place a piece of selenite on a part of your body that feels tight, relax for a hour hour, and feel the difference.

Relax your face. Stress hormones are often produced in the temples, so a clenched face can make it worse. If you’re feeling stressed, drop your shoulders, jaw, and tongue for one minute to release the tension. We find that it really melts away stress!

Clean house. Decluttering is a great way to clear your mind and bring awareness to how many things we consume. Organize, recycle, and donate - and then burn a little sage to clear the energy in your home.

Float on. Need a lift? Try a sensory deprivation tank to release stress in your body, enter a meditative state, and calm your nervous system. We love Lift in Brooklyn: it’s a mini-vacation for your mind.

Try ancient skincare. We’ll always be skincare nerds at heart. Our team is loving Facial Gua Sha treatments for better health and glowing skin.  

Get high on life. CBD oil is definitely having a moment, and we can see why. It helps you handle daily stress while keeping your mind energized and focused, and it has amazing anti-inflammatory effects.

Grow a green thumb. Get an indoor plant that to brighten your mood and improve your air quality.  

Eat for energy. We’re less into deprivational diets and more into feeding our bodies for more energy and a better outlook. Right now, we’re loving nutrient-rich microgreens, healing mushrooms, and high-fiber figs (which are great for reducing inflammation!).

Change up your workout. A fun new class or activity can really help you out of a rut and make you feel all-around more creative and energized. Some of our staff favorites include rock climbing, mixed martial arts, pole training, aerial yoga, hip hop yoga, and ballet.

Sweat it out. Try an urban sweat lodge or an infrared sauna to lift your mood, feel lighter, and improve your skin.

What are your holiday hangover cures?
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