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Daily Detox, Coast to Coast

Daily Detox, Coast to Coast

From LA's smog to New York's exhaust, sometimes the cities we love can take a serious toll on our skin. Air pollution from car emissions, cigarette smoke, construction sites, and even regular old dust can penetrate deep into your pores and get, well, stuck there! This causes inflammation, clogged pores, hyperpigmentation, a breakdown of collagen, and premature skin aging. 

Yuck. Got it. So, what are some things we can do to protect our youthful, dewy glow in the city? Luckily, that’s where we come in. Using the right combination of products and lifestyle adjustments can strengthen our skin’s barrier and fight against pollutants. Here’s what you need to city proof your skin and ward off environmental stressors.

Tata's At-Home Detox Facial: 

Start fresh and detox pores - this curated facial regimen is your anti-pollution treatment to breakdown buildup & decongest skin for a renewed radiance.

Feautring our anti-pollution powerhouses, Purifying Cleanser & Purifying Mask, this facial is the perfect antidote to city living.

Packed with hyper-potent ingredients, these two products not only draw out impurities, but also reduce the ability of pollution (particulate matter) to stick to the skin in the first place.


Step 1: Double Cleanse

Double Cleansing is more important than ever when fighting pollution. Start with Nourishing Oil Cleanser on dry skin to break down makeup and the first level of impurities.

Follow with our Purifying Cleanser, this gel-to-oil cleanser is every city dweller’s holy grail. As a daily detox treatment, the formula purifies skin with 13 sources to detox, 8 sources to dissolve buildup, and 6 sources to refine pores. Not only does the formula smell and feel divine, but broccoli extract is our major detoxification workerbee. It works overtime as an antioxidant to protect your skin from environmental stress and pollution.

Step 2: Detox Pores

Apply a thick layer of Purifying Mask for an even deeper clean. You can use this award-winning mask up to three times a week for an intense detox treatment. This mask purges impurities from pollutants with superstar ingredients like prickly pear seed oil and star aster.


Prickly pear seed oil is rich in antioxidants and packed with nutrients such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It also contains the highest amount of Betanin- an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage- among all known plants. Star aster is an anti anti-inflammatory, and helps to protect cells against air pollution and oxidative stress... all while promoting detoxification. Leave the purifying mask on for 10-20 minutes then remove with a warm/ steamy Towelette for the freshest, clean skin.

  1. Nourishing Oil Cleanser
    Nourishing Oil Cleanser

    Vitamin E + A Antioxidant Makeup Remover

    See details
  1. Purifying Cleanser
    Purifying Cleanser

    Pore Detox Cleanser

    See details
  1. Purifying Label
    Purifying Mask

    Pore & Blackhead Detox Mask

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Tata's Tips: A Few Lifestyle Adjustments

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Hoxton hotels, located in both NYC and downtown LA, to curate the best places to eat clean, sweat, and get your detox on in each city. Read on for our coast to coast city guides…


The Spa

  • Start your morning at HigherDOSE for a full-body detoxifying experience. We suggest spending some time in their Infrared Sauna; promoting skin purification, collagen production, and overall improved skin health and circulation. Before you leave, deffinitly schedule an appointment with one of their Lymphatic Drainage specialists. Gentle yet firm massaging will aid your body in releasing water retention and inflammation for an all-over detoxifying feeling and look. 
  • You also don't want to miss a detox facial with our favorite Gua Sha expert, Treatment by Lanshin. Gua Sha is Tata's favorite way to elevate your skin detox ritual and support lymphatic drainage, plus a more toned complexion. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and restored with overall improved skin-barrier functions and health. 

The Food

  • Consider Bonberi on Bleecker your one-stop-shop. Offering delicious fresh-pressed juices, salads, grain bowls, and even clean beauty and skincare products, Bonberi truly has it all! A must try? They suggest their Raw Detox Bowl which features an abundance of superfoods including kale, beets, avocado, and topped with a tamari balsamic vinaigrette. 
  • ABCV, a restaurant by Jean-Georges is entirely dedicated to plant-based living. The perfect spot to wind down after a long day and experience fine dining, without compromising on your detox routine. ABCV’s ingredients are all sourced both locally and globally from family farms. Their menu offers fun dishes like Avocado Lettuce Cups and Whole Roasted Cauliflowers to share.
LA City Guide

The Spa

  • Credo Beauty is the ultimate clean beauty hub. They carry the largest selection of non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty products, allowing you to always feel confident in your choices. All of their associates are trained estheticians and makeup-artists who are passionate and knowledgeable, ready to give you the personal recommendations you need.
  • The Crystal Spa experience is like no other. Rooted in traditional Korean medicine, they have a variety of rooms offering unique healing properties. From the Charcoal Room, where negative ions are released into the air to purify and consume harmful agents, to the Yellow Sang Room, using 100% Korean Mud from the Chungchoong Jincheon, these are the ultimate detoxifying treatments.

The Food

  • Cafe Gratitude supports local farmers, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and environmentally friendly products. With the belief that their food is made with love and consideration, personalized juice cleanses and meal plan services are their expertise. You’re destined to find your perfect detox plan. 

The Shopping

  • Lifehouse Tonics is exactly what it sounds. They’re stocked full with the best latte blends, juices, wellness shots, and herbal blends. They have 3 signature detoxifying drinks including the Greenhouse Chip, Shroom Shake, and No Matcha. Visit either of their 2 locations to experience what they call ‘ the pinnacle of a delicious and healthy experience’.

Your Chance To Win The Ultimate Detox Getaway: 

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