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Healing your skin after blemishes

Healing your skin after blemishes
Blemishes don't always end when your breakouts go away - we have to deal with scarring, discoloration, and redness. The aftermath of breakouts can be rough, but it doesn't have to be.
Giving your skin what it needs before, during, and after breakouts are all equally as important, especially when it comes to reducing the occurrence of blemishes altogether. It comes down to having a consistent regimen that helps your skin as it goes through the ups and downs of being blemish-prone. That's why we created our Clarifying Family.
We asked our team how they deal with blemishes, here are some of their favorite tips to help you #getclear and stay clear.

Nourish your skin.

Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil is our saving grace when trying to recover from a stubborn blemish. Massage this into skin before bed to replenish skin with all of the nutrients it needs to heal.

Try micro-needling.

Micro needle with your favorite serum to increase product absorption and help fade the scars of breakouts from the inside out.

Always apply sunscreen.

Your skin can be extra sensitive when recovering from a breakout, so be sure to layer on the SPF.

Let your skin breathe.

If you're a makeup wearer, try to avoid suffocating skin for the first few days after your blemishes settle down. This will help them to breathe and heal faster.

Sanitize your phone screen.

We're constantly on our phones which makes them breeding grounds for bacteria, cleaning your phone screen will help prevent this bacteria from transferring and creating more blemishes.

Don't touch!

It may be tempting to touch your skin and see if your blemish is shrinking or not, but trust us. Hands off.

Wash your pillowcase once a week.

This will reduce bacteria buildup and prevent cross-contamination from causing more blemishes.

Stay hydrated.

This one may seem obvious, but it's not just about drinking water. Keeping your skin hydrated with moisturizers or oils is key to preventing blemishes.


We all know stress can lead to blemishes, so make sure to take time to decompress. Light some candles, apply your favorite face mask and try guided editation.

Don't go overboard.

Make sure that you're not overdoing it with harsh face washes, or rough exfoliants. It may seem counterintuitive but this can actually cause more blemishes.
How to you #getclear? 
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