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deep clean your skin care

deep clean your skin care

The sun is warmer, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing. Feels like time for a little spring cleaning! Let’s get into that bathroom and take a look at your skincare, shall we?

Pull out what you use in your daily regimen. Does it have an expiration date? If you are using natural skincare, you can bet it does! Our own products last about a year unopened and six months once opened. We have this timeline in place as our products are formulated to be used fresh and may not give the maximum results we want our clients to have if used after a year. Since we do not use any synthetic preservatives in our products (many of them have been tied to health risks), we always recommend using our products shortly after purchase. Why stock up and compromise freshness when you can sign up for auto-replenishment from our site and always have them delivered fresh?

Can’t remember when you bought that mascara? Chances are it’s been a minute. Well + Good has a great chart for natural makeup lifelines. Eye products should be changed out the most frequently (every few months) while powders and foundations have more life to them (12-18 months). While there isn’t a strict rule of thumb when it comes to any makeup, if it isn’t applying like it use to or the color has changed, it may be ready to be tossed. You’ll know when something smells or feels off.

Let’s dive deeper into the ingredients. We always refer to the Toxic Ten. Keep this list handy when rebooting your skincare and examining the ingredient listings. Beyond that, keep an eye out for any products that include parabens which have been linked to certain cancers such as breast cancer and synthetic colors and fragrances can contain harmful chemicals that legally do not need to be presented on a label. We list every ingredient that is in our precious green bottles so that you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

As it is with spring cleaning your closet, don’t hold anything back. Toss what you are not using and old products. Trade out skincare that has ingredients you don’t recognize or can be deemed harmful. Invest in items that are good for you. You’ll feel lighter with a clutter-free bathroom counter and skin that’s been given a fresh start!

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