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Exfoliation 101: AHAs & BHAs

Exfoliation 101: AHAs & BHAs

Exfoliating regularly takes skin from good to gleaming. It’s something that can be easily overlooked in a skincare routine but is arguably one of the most important steps to getting the type of glow that makes people stop and ask what you’ve been using on your skin. If you’re suffering from concerns such as chronic dryness, uneven texture, dullness or congestion, proper exfoliation could be just what your skin needs to turn it around. 

 And you’re in luck because we offer a variety of physical and chemical exfoliants that are hyper-targeted to your unique skin concerns. First up in our beauty arsenal of exfoliators: Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids. Between the two of them, these exfoliating superstars can tackle most all of your skin concerns. Read on to find the exfoliator best fit for you. 

So, Why is Exfoliation Important? 

Let's start with the basics. As we age, cell turnover slows down and dead skin cells can give us a dull complexion. These dead skin cells often cling to healthy skin, causing all sorts of problems from clogging our pores to worsening fine lines and wrinkles. 

Our best defense? Exfoliating regularly removes the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, soft skin underneath. Another benefit: this allows your moisturizers and serums to absorb more easily into your skin and makes your products work even better. 


Physical Vs. Chemical Exfoliation 

There are two methods of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliation is when you manually buff away dry or dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin using a gentle scrub. 

A chemical exfoliant is one that uses different agents to aid in cell turnover and dissolve dead skin cells. This is when we get into the fun stuff: Alpha Hydroxy acids and Beta Hydroxy acids. Often shortened to just AHA and BHAs, these two chemical exfoliants are essential to add to your skincare arsenal if you want a next level glow.

And sometimes you get the best of both worlds! Products like our Regenerating Cleanser provide both gentle physical and chemical exfoliation with apricot microspheres and BHA from white willow bark to transform dull skin into a healthy, fresh complexion. 

All About Acids 

The words “chemical exfoliation” can sound intimidating, but our AHA and BHAs are naturally sourced from 100% plant-based ingredients such as plant sugars or citric acid from orange & lemon. We’re here to break down AHAs and BHAs for you so you can choose the right product for your skincare goals! 

Brighten with AHAs:  

  • These include glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids. They can be natural or synthetic, but, of course, we always opt for natural. AHAs cause exfoliation and retexturizing of the surface skin. They work by dissolving dead skin cells, allowing brighter-looking skin to emerge.

Fight Congestion with BHAs:

  • BHAs are better for oily or congested skin, as they work to clear clogged pores. There is only one BHA, salicylic acid. It is oil-soluble, meaning it penetrates deep into the pores to clean out excess sebum and reduce oiliness. This helps to shrink the look of pores, banish blackheads, and fight blemishes. Our Clarifying Mask is packed full with BHAs from naturally derived salicylic acid such as White Willow Bark. 

Even Tone with Both:  

  • Many of our products have the power combo of both AHAs & BHAs to work together and give your skin an overall bright, even complexion. If you need to double up on your dose, our Resurfacing Serum is your holy grail for a serious summer glow. 

  1. Regenerating Cleanser
    Regenerating Cleanser - 125ML

    Daily BHA Exfoliator

  1. Resurfacing Mask
    Resurfacing Mask

    BHA + Enzyme Brightening Mask

  1. Clarifying Mask
    Clarifying Mask

    Salicylic Acid + Lactic Acid Blemish Mask

  1. Resurfacing Serum
    Resurfacing Serum

    Brightening Vitamin C + AHA/BHA Serum


The Result: Glowing Skin All Summer Long

So now you know, both physical and chemical exfoliation are super important and AHA/BHAs are your one-way ticket to going makeup free all summer long. Just remember that these acids increase your sensitivity to the sun, so it is even more important to wear your clean SPF every day. Rock that summer beach glow with confidence, but don’t forget your sun protection!

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