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Farm to Face, For Real

Farm to Face, For Real

We're proud of our formulation and batching process at Tata Harper Skincare, and it's time for you to know how unique our ways of working are, especially within the beauty industry.Every single step in getting one of our green bottles or jars into your hands is done by a Tata Harper employee here on our Vermont farm. We don’t outsource to companies or take shortcuts, we do it all ourselves - without compromising. Our products are not subcontracted to a third party who could manufacture them cheaply, and our formulas are not shared amongst other brands under a corporation. It’s done the long and hard way, but to us, this is the best way and the only way we’ll ever operate our company. 

We believe that if you are a skincare company, you should make skincare. It's this hands-on craftsmanship that guarantees our freshness, the purity of our ingredients, and the transparency of our process. And it's this hands-on process that allows you to follow your bottle from our farm to your beautiful face.

We started our traceability program back in 2012, before transparent supply chains were demanded by smart shoppers.  It wasn't a new concept for us, but it's something very new to the skincare industry. Our batch tracer allows you to see not only when their bottle was batched but also by whom. Freshness matters when it comes to natural skincare.

Why does it matter who batches your bottle?  Call us sentimental, but we care about the people behind the products we buy as shoppers, and we think you do too. We’re curious about who they are, what they're passionate about, and what drew them to work at the same brands we love and use every day.  We invite you to get to know our batchmasters, John, Jon, and Joe.  They’ve been with us since the beginning and spend every day doing what they love: creating next generation skincare just for you.

Have questions about your skincare? When you call us, you're also calling Vermont. We have two of the most incredible Skincare Concierges out there: Cassie and Molly. We are thrilled to have Cassie with her natural skincare know-how in house.  If you chat with her, feel free to ask her about anything and everything. She gets plenty of time with Tata and McKenzie, our lead aesthetician, so she’s the closest thing you have to the source. Molly is a longtime Tata Harper fan and has gone through pretty much every regimen possible. She is hands down the best listener on the planet so if you are having challenges or want a regimen suggestion she’s your go-to.

Give us a call whenever you want at (877) 321-8282. And shop right from the farm, right here.

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