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farm-to-face global ingredient story: the moisturizing mask

farm-to-face global ingredient story: the moisturizing mask

Versatility is valuable, but sometimes specialty is best. When it comes to the Moisturizing Mask we developed it for one purpose: to heal and hydrate in order to restore your soft skin, dewy complexion, and balanced glow.

In contrast to most conventional beauty products, we don’t organize our formulas around a single natural hero ingredient and then just fill up the rest with synthetics. Each bottle in our line contains between nine and 40 natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. The Moisturizing Mask’s 27 ingredients come from more than 14 different countries and provide our most intensive, age-defying hydration treatment.

Tata refuses to use anything but the best, so we source our ingredients accordingly. We apply the world’s most-advanced natural extraction processes to make sure we’re getting the most nutrient dense components of each ingredient, and then we batch and bottle each formula in Vermont, where all of our products are imagined, engineered, and made.

moisturizing mask ingredient story

A few things you might experience:

  • Your skin will instantly feel more hydrated from the molecules of German beetroot extract.
  • In the morning, you’ll notice a youthful plumpness due to avocado peptides from Israel that help bind moisture.
  • Biocompatible hyaluronic acid acts as a natural collagen booster, sourced from fermented sweet potato. You can not get enough of this for your skin. By night we use the Moisturizing Mask, and by day we use Hydrating Floral Essence. All day, every day.
  • You will not believe how soft and smooth your skin feels when you wake up. That’s an effect of our smart oil blend that includes coconut, cocoa, tamanu, and bamboo oils.

A little goes a long way. Apply one pump of the mask smoothly over face and décolletage overnight or apply for 15 minutes and wipe off. No clogged pores, just dewy soft skin.

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