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Finding Balance with Delfina Blaquier

Finding Balance with Delfina Blaquier

We’re catching up with Delfina Blaquier, co-owner of equestrian-chic fashion brand Acheval Pampa, as she gives us an inside peek into her work (and teach!) from home routine.

From homeschooling her four children, creating a new collection, and, of course, masking in between zoom calls, we’re taking some serious inspiration on how she’s finding balance this summer in both her skin & soul. Read on for our chat with Delfina and why she’s loving our new Balanced Skin Kit this summer.

Q: First, tell us a bit about yourself and your work? 

My name is Delfina Blaquier. I‘m a mother, wife, horse lover and rider. I’m a former high jumper, Señf taught photographer, avid gardener, and almost landscape designer. A few years ago I became co-owner and ambassador of Àcheval Pampa.

Q: What's work like for you right now? 

Lots of video conferences, as well as juggling everything between my routine, my husband’s work, and homeschooling my children. Even though we are on summer holidays here, back home it's the beginning of the second term (as we are on the Southern Hemisphere).

Q: What is a key part of your daily wellness routine? 

I like to take at least 15 to 20 minutes in my bathroom during the morning,  and maybe the same amount of time in the evening before going to bed. It’s like my sanctuary — it is the important time where I take care of my skin and my soul. 

Q: What Does your daily skincare routine look like? 

I start the day with a tall glass of water, followed with my go-to supplements of omega fatty acids.  This is such an important step to not only nourish your body, but also make way for healthy, radiant skin to shine from the inside, out. Next, my skincare ritual - here, I've found the perfect routine to beat summertime oilyness and keep my skin cool: 

Step 1: Cleanse

I always start my skincare ritual with a deep cleanse. I’m super flexible and I love changing or combining cleansers — but this summer my go-to has been the Clarifying Cleanser.

I love the cooling and foaming sensation of this cleanser, it feels and smells like a spa - especially with the mint extract. It also works wonders  in balancing my oily skin & occasional blemish without over-drying or stripping my skin. 

It's the perfect way to start my morning with a clean slate and a clear, comfortable complexion.

Step 2: Mask 

Right now, in the heat of summer,  I feel like my skin is more prone to being oily — in part from the humidity, and in part to the excessive touching and use of masks. That’s why my summer savior has been the Clarifying Mask to target blemishes and control oil. It’s the perfect weekly reset my skin needs, and is packed with not only AHAs and BHAs to clear skin, but also soothing honey to nourish and comfort stressed skin.

Step 3: Mist 

Following my cleanse or weekly mask treatment, I use an essence or water mist to prep my skin with an extra boost of hydration.

My favorite right now is the Hydrating Floral Essence, because it’s packed with hyaluronic acid and natural humectants to instantly refresh and rehydrate skin. It feels like I am bathing my face in fresh flower water every morning!

Plus, my kids love it! We take this mist everywhere with us over the summer: to the barn, to the name it! 

Step 4: Treat 

Next, I love a good high-performing serum. The Resurfacing Serum is your daily dose of skin-loving acids. Supercharged with AHAs, BHAs and antioxidants, this serum gives gentle all day micro-exfoliation to help balance skin oils and refine pores. Plus, I love how it leaves my complexion extra glowy and ready for the next step.

Step 5: Hydrate 

My skincare philosophy has always been focused on restoring & preventing lines, because I love to show my skin bare as it is. I believe in gracefully aging and for that I give the skin as much hydration as possible. That’s why I use the Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer, a weightless gel that delivers deep hydration and fights free radicals.

Q: We love that skincare ritual! How do you share skincare and beauty lessons with your four children? 

The boys are more skittish to the whole skincare, but I do try hard on teaching them to use sunscreen at least. 

Girls are super eager to use my products. That’s why it’s so important for me to use all natural components and the cleaner the better. I have super sensitive skin and I think in part might be for using not so great quality products during my teenage years, due to lack of availability of choice. Nowadays we know so much more, and as a consumer we are super savvy and  want to get the best products on our skin. My girls love to watch me and sometimes we all have fun in the bathroom trying on new things.

Q: What's next for you and your brand, Acheval? 

We are working on the next collection. We are focused on growing in strategic markets, we will keep partnering beautifully with different retailers like Net a porter, matches fashion, 24s, Bonmarche, Galleries Lafayette, and LuisaViaRoma...and always finding new ways of inspiration from our Magical pampas.

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