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Tata Harper Skincare x Tomgirl: Get Glossy Skin

Tata Harper Skincare x Tomgirl: Get Glossy Skin

We recently met up with Gabrielle Kammerer, creator of Tomgirl Juice Co. to discuss her favorite ingredients and recipes for hydration. We loved her recipes so much that we asked her to share some more recipes to promote glossy, glowing skin. 

You are glowing. This very moment! Your body and every living creature is capable of producing and storing radiant light-emitting biophotons that are connected in large measure to the fresh foods and juice you choose to consume. The greater the vitality of one’s skin care and diet, the greater the glow of the person who thoughtfully applies these rituals. Naturally grown organic sun-ripened fruits and vegetables are able to store immense quantities of radiant light energy that readily contribute to a person’s health, wellness, and a budding inner glow.

At Tomgirl we create and encourage a nutritious diet of fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My favorite daily treats this summer are Arugula, Fresh Basil, Crispy Cucumbers and melons! I especially love to make my own nutrient rich salad dressing for this bright time of year to help me enjoy all my vegetables even more.

tomgirl juice


Vegetables are naturally low in sugar and contain a pure sun-derived source of chlorophyll. Make baby green salads a part of your daily routine and top with any seasonally goodies that inspire you. 


Fresh Juices and Smoothies can be made at home with a blender and a strainer, and are chock full of vitamins and nutrients.

Ready to feel adventurous? Here are some quick DIY juices and salads you can create to nurture your inner glow from the moment you wake up and start moving:



½ Fresh Lemon Juice

½ Cup Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

½ Cup Vermont Maple Syrup

½ Cup Cold Pressed Avocado Oil

Sea Salt and Black Pepper to Taste

This recipe stores easily in your fridge and it is twice as easy to make. Simply shake all contents in a mason jar and voila!

[The variations are endless: If you start with this base, you can readily add other combinations such as Tahini and Parsley or Dill and Chevre. Try using this simple salad dressing base to fuel your summer cravings and domestic creativity] Just blend and serve!



Baby Mesclun or Arugula [Locally Grown if Possible]

Organic Sliced Cucumber

Organic Diced Celery

Organic Sliced Nectarines, Peaches or Blueberries

Shredded Carrots

Sliced Red Radishes


Local Goat’s Milk Chevre

Organic Walnuts



2 Cups or Fresh Watermelon

Juice of 1 Lime

Pinch of Hot Cayenne Chillies or a slice of fresh red chilli

2 Cubes of Ice

Optional: Pinch of Salt to Taste

Add all contents to the blender and blend on high until a smooth consistency is reached. About 25 seconds.



½ Organic Cantaloupe

½ Organic Lemon

Simply wash and peel away the rind. Then add the cantaloupe and the juice of ½ lemon to a blender. Blend for 25 seconds. Strain through a metal sieve and serve to your morning body.



½ Cup of Organic Rose Petals

1 Quart of Filtered Water

Steep ½ cup of fresh or dried organic rose petals in water overnight. Strain and serve with a dash of fresh lemon in the morning ar add to your water bottle for a beautifying drink to enjoy throughout the day. Add a touch of maple to taste



2 Cups Fresh Slices of Cucumber

2 Cups of Organic Green Grapes

2 Tablespoons of Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Handful of Organic Fresh Spinach

3 Sprigs of Organic Fresh Parsley

¼ Cup of ice [optional but delicious]

This is one of my absolute favorite quick + easy meal substitutes that is breathtakingly bright with Vitamin C, Resveratrol, and Chlorophyll. Add everything to your blender and whip this ideal post workout or end of day shake together. You’ll feel gorgeous inside and out.

tomgirl juice

The concept of TOMGIRL Juice Co., was created by owner / operator, Gabrielle Kammerer. Born in New York City and raised in Connecticut, Gabrielle graduated from Bard College in 2004. Since then has worked as a French Pastry Chef, Chocolatier, and Fine Art Photographer. Her passion for health and wellness springs from her immense love of color and her belief in the self-healing body. No stranger to the kitchen, she creates juice that is immensely flavorful, full-bodied, and fun. Gabrielle is a joyful girl. You can feel the energy she puts into her recipes and her work. To learn more, just pop in the shop at 463 St Paul Street to meet her and the rest of the team.

source: Tomgirl Juice Co

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