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give your skin a vacation from pollution

give your skin a vacation from pollution

Everyone deserves a vacation - that includes your skin! Many of us go through the day aware of the common stressors to our skin, but pollution is often overlooked. As studies continue to come forth with numbers suggesting that contaminated air is one of the biggest causes of premature aging, our focus is shifting. Polluted air is becoming a major factor in the skincare industry, and knowing the right steps to take in order to combat it will be show on your skin in the long run.

The Purifying Cleanser is a direct result of our need to combat environmental stressors. It’s a powerful on dirt and grime, but gentle on skin. It frees pores of buildup, without stripping skin of moisture. The Purifying Cleanser refines the appearance of pores, all while flushing them with an invigorating blend of essential oils. After rinsing off the Purifying Cleanser, you’ll feel refreshed and deeply cleansed. Always remember to rub onto dry skin in order to get maximum results.

The Purifying Mask is our second step in purging the pores of harmful air pollution. This mask helps to fight visible signs of aging, which is the biggest concern when addressing environmental stressors. The Purifying Mask is powered by probiotics and provides a deep clean to rid pores of all micro-particles that seep into pores from contaminated air. It targets build up and clears your skin of any harmful congestion. Once removed, skin will be able to breathe again, without any of the nasty contaminants.

Pollution is something we don’t necessarily think about on a daily basis since it is, unfortunately, such a big part of our everyday life. If you’re living in a major city, you are exposed to pollution daily, and it is very important to clear your pores daily of any potential buildup. Our Purifying line targets this concern and focuses on purging skin of environmental stressors. Ahhh, room to breathe.

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    Purifying Cleanser

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