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TEAM TATA TRIES: Infrared Saunas

TEAM TATA TRIES: Infrared Saunas

We’ve been fans of HigherDose since they opened up their first NYC location. This Sauna experience improves skin, blood flow and energy levels - Sign us up! We popped over during our last trip to the city for our next installment of Team Tata Tries - Infrared Saunas.

Founders of HigherDose, Lauren and Katie, are super knowledgeable and passionate about the health + beauty benefits of Infrared Saunas. After hearing their story, we couldn’t wait to get in and sweat!


This type of sauna is different than your typical spa sauna. The Infrared light (we like to call it magic) has so many benefits to give you a nice healthy boost:

Muscle Recovery. Infrared light increases blood flow and circulation, which boosts the ability of your muscles to heal and recover faster.

Calorie Burning. Infrared also speeds up your heart rate to the pace of a light jog, which works to burn calories. This is why Katie and Lauren consider it “a workout without working out.”

Skin Benefits. By promoting increased blood flow, the Infrared light also helps deliver nutrients to your skin and boosts overall collagen production. This helps keep skin looking healthy and youthful - an added benefit we’ll take anyday!

Detoxifier. Infrared detoxes your body by activating water molecules under the surface of your skin, which then pushes out toxins.

Mood Booster. Infrared is also known to increase serotonin and decrease cortisol levels, so it’s an excellent mood booster. We loved doing this first thing in the morning to jumpstart our day!



For our Infrared session, we went to their Howard Street location. They’ve converted hotel rooms into individual sauna rooms, which is pretty incredible. The rooms are stunning! A personal infrared sauna, a huge bathroom with a giant shower for rinsing off after, and a fridge stocked with water. As we got ready for our session to begin, we were reminded to drink water the entire time.

The infrared light can be adjusted to your preference depending on what you want to focus on. We chose green (of course) which is meant to promote a calming effect.

Once in the sauna, you sweat. There’s no getting around it. To boost our experience even more, we applied the Aromatic Irritability Treatment before stepping in, and all throughout our session. It’s very important to roll it onto your palms and then take 5 deep breaths for the fastest (and most beneficial) effects!

By the end of our 60 minute session, we were feeling relaxed, revived and very centered.

We then followed up right after with the Smoothing Body Scrub, before hopping into the shower to rinse off. We then lathered on the Smoothing Body Balm to lock in moisture and nourish our purged pores.

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  • Anyone who is looking to detox and sweat out major toxins

  • If you’re looking to improve the quality of your skin and increase blood flow, this is for you!

  • Trying to beat the Winter Blues? Infrared is know to boost your mood and revive your energy during the winter.


HigherDose gets two big thumbs up from the Tata Team. Our skin was instantly glowy and our bodies felt as though we had just left an hour long workout class. Our tip? Don’t forget to bring your favorite skincare for your infrared experience.

  1. Aromatic Irritability
    Aromatic Irritability Treatment

    Natural Aromatherapy


  1. Smoothing Body Scrub
    Smoothing Body Scrub

    Brightening Body Exfoliator


  1. Redefining Body Balm
    Redefining Body Balm

    Anti-Aging Firming Body Treatment

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