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Home for the Holidays: Tata Travels to Cartagena

Home for the Holidays: Tata Travels to Cartagena

"I grew up on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and I always loved to travel. Usually, my family would go to Cartagena, which is about an hour away from my hometown. Because I have spent so much time there, I really feel like a local when I’m back in Cartagena."



“I do crave a healthy meal when I travel. Ely Repostería offers delicious healthy wraps, salads and desserts. For a sweet treat, I really liked the piñita, which is a traditional bread from Colombia´s coast.”

La Dulcería

“Every Cartagenero has been to this bakery and restaurant with tasty food. Their mango biche juice (green mango juice) and coconut lemonade are a must!”


Tata/Tata Mia/Grace Paloma




Saint Dom

“This concept store is located inside a beautiful 300-year-old historic house in the Old City, and has a well-curated selection of products from the best “up & coming” brands in the country.” 

Las Bóvedas

“Las Bóvedas means “The Vaults”, a building that served as military headquarters many years aho. Nowadays, the place is restored and has a bunch of souvenir stores, galleries, and antiques that are totally worth the visit.”

San Andresito

“It is a must to stroll by the street vendors in Bocagrande. It’s so much fun to see all the curious and unconventional knick knacks they sell, from colorful wigs to carved coconut monkeys!”



Tata Peluca




 Hotel Casa del Coliseo

“This charming boutique hotel is gorgeous and perfectly located inside the Ciudad Vieja (Old City). My favorite part was breakfast, which was served on a romantic table on a balcony overlooking the picturesque streets.”

Hotel Santa Clara

“One of the most recognized hotels in Cartagena, it was a monastery and then was transformed into a hotel, making it full of history and good vibes!”'



Portada Peluquería

“If you need a beauty salon on your trip, this is the place to go!”

Hydrating Floral Essence

“I like to tuck this smaller bottle of my Hydrating Floral Essence when my bag when I travel. It gives my skin a boost of lightweight moisture when I’m on the go!.”

Be Smitten Lip Treatment

“Cartagena is so romantic, and so I love to add a touch of romantic pigment when I’m there. I love Be Smitten for perfect pink lips!”



Quiebracanto  / Café Habana

“In Colombia people say like to say ‘Dance or Die’. I love dancing, especially salsa dancing. It’s such a fun way to get moving!”


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