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Hormonal Breakouts

Hormonal Breakouts

So many factors contribute to blemishes and breakouts. Diet, stress, sleep, genetics, and the consistency of your skincare routine can all play a part, but a major culprit for many people is hormones, especially when they fluctuate around that time of the month.

Shifting hormones can change the amount of sebum your skin naturally produces, which in excess leads to blemishes and breakouts. You may be tempted to attack them with aggressive products, but, over-drying breakouts can actually lead to sebaceous glands producing more sebum to compensate.

Instead of just fighting breakouts after they happen, you can minimize breakouts around your period before they start by making a few easy lifestyle changes.


Make sure you’re cleansing well to avoid buildup and maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. Cleanse daily with the Clarifying Cleanser, and hydrate and nourish with the Clarifying Moisturizer, which also helps unclog pore congestion and blemishes on the surface of the skin. Get plenty of sleep, too – a lack of it can make your body overproduce the hormone cortisol, which also leads to excess sebum production.


It’s so important to drink plenty of water so your body can rid itself of excess toxins and hormones during your period. Cut back on stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, since they can aggravate hormonal breakouts. Incorporate the Clarifying Mask a couple times a week to improve your complexion, and minimize redness and blemishes. It helps balance sebum with Salicylic Acid, and exfoliates in two ways: its Alpha Hydroxy Acid Superfruit Blend has a chemical exfoliation effect to help minimize the appearance of blemishes and breakouts, while Quartz Sand Micro-Crystals have a physical exfoliation effect to soften and smooth the look of the skin. Treat unavoidable blemishes with the Clarifying Spot Solution, which will heal and soothe them, instead of aggravating them and causing over-drying and flakiness.


As sebum production levels return to normal, continue to drink water to help detox your body. Focus on getting enough sleep and on stress reduction, since both can lead to increased cortisol and sebum. Keep treating any blemishes with the Clarifying Spot Solution as often as needed. Apply the Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil to nourish and soothe skin with vitamins, plus keep pores clear with Retinoic Acid from Rosehip Seed Oil.

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