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How to start a skincare regimen

How to start a skincare regimen

So you want to go natural but you’re not sure where to start. It shouldn’t be overwhelming. Building a regimen that works with your skin is the first step to getting that show-stopping glow that makes people ask - "What are you using on your skin?"

We know it can be confusing with all of the options out there, but the right regimen will make your skin look and feel like you just treated yourself to a spa getaway. Not sure where to start? We recommend starting off with a cleanser and a mask since they typically provide the most immediate results.

Ideally, the sequence of your regimen looks like this: cleanser (or two), mask (1-2 times a week), essence, serum(s), eye cream, moisturizer, oil.


Our cleansers act as daily treatments, each one is tailored to a specific need so it’s important to pick one that works best for your unique skin type. Your cleanser should clean deeply and thoroughly without leaving any tightness or dryness.


We Recommend: Purifying CleanserClarifying Cleanser


We Recommend: Regenerating Cleanser, Nourishing Oil Cleanser


We Recommend: Clarifying Cleanser


We Recommend: Regenerating Cleanser, Purifying Cleanser


We Recommend: Refreshing Cleanser, Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Next is your serum and moisturizer.

Neither should feel heavy or as though they’re just sitting on top of your skin: they should absorb over a short amount of time. Serums should be chosen for their specific targeting properties, and moisturizers are formulated for your unique skin type and concerns.

Treat yourself to a mask treatment.

two-to-three times a week. We like to think of masks as the gateway product, they’re really important for the long term health of your skin but also delivers immediate benefits, and who doesn’t love instant gratification?


We Recommend: Clarifying Mask


We Recommend: Resurfacing Mask, Purifying Mask


We Recommend: Resurfacing Mask 


We Recommend: Purifying Mask, Clarifying Mask


We Recommend: Moisturizing Mask


We Recommend: Resurfacing Mask, Purifying Mask, Clarifying Mask

Skincare Maximalist?

If you're a skincare maximalist like Tata, trying two products probably isn't enough for you. In this case, we recommend trying out our Tata's Daily Essentials set. It's a 7 step travel regimen so you can test out a full Tata regimen.

What happens when it doesn’t feel like a cloud kissed your face?

Take note of what doesn’t feel right. Maybe your moisturizer needs a little more hydration—maybe you need to add an oil like the Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. Sometimes a particular product isn’t right for your skin type. Try each product one by one and identify the culprit that needs to be replaced.

Don’t panic if your skin breaks out!  

If you are new to natural skincare, or to Tata Harper (or any line) in general, your skin may react by detoxing itself. That’s normal, there’s an adjustment period. If your breakouts continue for a long period of time (over a week), then it might need a different option. Test things one at a time and identify what feels heavy, or oily, or drying. These are key indicators of something not being right.

Do a status check: Is your new found regimen helping with your concerns? If everything seems in check, perfect! If not, we are happy to help! You can always call (877-321-8282) or email us for a complimentary consultation!

We recommend patch testing each product on your jaw to ensure these products are best for your skin.

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    Clarifying Cleanser

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