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Hyaluronic Acid Complex: Why Size Matters

Hyaluronic Acid Complex: Why Size Matters

Hyaluronic Acid is like the glass of water your skin desperately needs. It’s a molecule that works to draw + lock in moisture to your skin, supports elasticity, and boosts overall collagen production. In this way, hyaluronic acid is crucial towards keeping your skin super moisturized and looking plump & youthful. 

However, not all hyaluronic acid is created equally. This ingredient may be all over the skincare market, but many conventional formulas are either synthetically derived or too simple of formulas to truly hydrate. You may have heard of products with 1 molecular size or 2 molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid...but what about 1,000? That’s where we come in.  

We’ve stepped up our hydration game BIG with our new Hydrating Floral Mask, featuring a hyper-potent formula of over 1,000 different hyaluronic acid sizes. Here are all the details you don’t want to miss…because you’ve never experienced moisture like this before. 

Here's how our Hyaluronic Acid Complex is Different:

Our unique blend of 1,000 different micro and macro molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid (HA) work on multiple different levels of the skin to hydrate from the inside out. Why 1,000? Because size matters. Each size of hyaluronic acid works on different levels to hydrate skin from the inside out. Smaller sizes of HA deliver plumping, youth-giving hydration that helps minimize the look of wrinkles, while larger sizes of HA deliver conditioning moisture that helps smooth and soften skin texture.


Let's break it down...

Hyaluronic acid is hygroscopic, which means it attracts and absorbs water from its surroundings, including the air. Even more, it has an ability to absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water!

The multitidue of benefits from HA depends on where it is in the skin's layers. Our formulation approach uses 1,000 different molecular sizes to hydrate and plump down to the deepest layers of the dermis. Here’s a breakdown of sizes and their unique benefits: 

Small Molecular Sizes (3-150 kDa): Youth-Giving Powers 

  • These molecules are small enough to permeate the skin to hydrate and plump from deep within the skin’s dermis to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Shown to increase moisture level of damaged skin and accelerate damage repair.
  • Deep skin penetration not only works to reduce wrinkles, but improves the appearance of pore size & skin smoothness, and improves barrier function. 

Larger Molecular Sizes (150-2500 kDa): Hydration-Giving Powers 

  • Provide intense hydration down to the deeper layers of the stratum corneum. These molecules also have an ability to carry other molecules throughout the skin, so they act as a delivery system for active ingredients and have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Acts as a film-forming polymer on the top layer of the skin to decrease water loss, smooth skin, and increase collagen production. 
  • Strengthens the skin barrier by intensely hydrating and smoothing a damaged barrier.  

The Result? 

A smooth, radiant, hydrated, and youthful looking complexion. So, quench your skin with our new Hydrating Floral Mask - it’s the closest thing you can get (in fact, better) to giving your skin a big ol’ glass of water.

Fun Fact: 

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural part of our skin to begin with - but declines dramatically as we age. Hyaluronic Acid degrades in < 1 day, requiring the body to replace over 30% of its total HA content every day. This pace of renewal declines with age and exposure to external aggressors like UV light and pollution. We like to call these HA betrayers. 

This is why it’s essential to support your skin with extra hydrating products that contain high quality hyaluronic acid. This will keep your skin soft and supple and delay the signs of aging.

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