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inspired by: my favorite five entrepreneurs

inspired by: my favorite five entrepreneurs

Gender equality and women’s rights have had so much presence in the media and on the national and international stage lately. Sometimes the fact that we’re even still having to have this conversation can be a bit depressing. But despite the challenges that still face us, I’m not sad; I’m inspired. So many people are standing up to have their voices heard, and to demand a better and more equal world. It’s such an exciting and uplifting movement, and gives me hope for my daughters and future generations of women.

So, in the spirit of International Women’s Day and the fight for gender equality, here are my top 5 female entrepreneurs who inspire me with their passion, perseverance, and determination, and who are reminding all of us what amazing things women can do.

Ulla Johnson.We were lucky enough to work with Ulla Johnson this season at her latest New York Fashion Week presentation. Her line has a strong commitment to quality and detail, and it’s incredibly beautiful. Most importantly, it represents Ulla’s identity and global childhood experiences with her parents. By staying true to her own story, she’s been able to create a collection that is totally unique and really speaks to people, and her global cult-following is the proof!

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Amanda Chantal BaconWhen Amanda opened her first Moon Juice shop, she was greeted with doubt just like I was when I launched Tata Harper Skincare. No one understood the health benefits of natural, cold-pressed juices, or believed that anyone would want to drink a green juice. She knew from changing her own lifestyle how much a whole, nutrient-rich diet can impact your overall health, and she knew that people wanted to live healthier better lives, so she stood firmly behind her idea, and today is a leader in the wellness movement.

Tyler Haney. Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney isn’t just an inspiring entrepreneur because she’s had so much success at such a young age. In a world of athletic gear focused men and on the highest level of performance, she realized that there was nothing on the market that really spoke to the modern active woman who wasn’t aiming to be an Olympian, but to live a healthy lifestyle. She was able to do something no one else was doing and see the market in a totally new way by using her experience as a woman to find a solution to a problem that major athletic brands didn’t even know existed.

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Coco ChanelIt sounds so stereotypical, but Coco Chanel is my biggest icon. She was so ahead of her timeshe founded her own business and built this revolutionary fashion empire at a time when women were just starting to enter the workforce and were not considered innovators or business leaders. What I find most inspiring about her is that she never let the circumstances of her life define her or limit her capabilities.

My mom. When I think about my daughters and future generations of women, I know just from seeing the movement that has been building that they’ll have plenty of incredible female role models. And, of course, it makes me think about my own role models, and how much they’ve influenced me and helped me become the woman I am today. My Mom has been such a source of inspiration for me. She and her generation were the first women who went to college and were in the workforce as professional women. She was an entrepreneur, and was so dedicated and passionate about her company. She always encouraged us to do things we’re passionate about, and taught us to believe that we could do or be anything we wanted. It was so empowering, and it’s what women’s rights and gender equality are all about for me: creating a world for the next generation where we are all limitless.

Lead image courtesy of Ulla Johnson.

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