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introducing our new aromatic energy treatment

introducing our new aromatic energy treatment

Aromatherapy is the ancient tradition of using pure essential oils from plants for health and mood benefits. There are thousands of oils to choose from, each with its own specific purpose. Combining them to achieve certain results can be a real art, but they’re still forgiving enough to play around with and be totally customizable. I’ve loved aromatherapy for a long time—it’s very versatile and personal, and I find it really helps me through my day.

One of my favorite methods to use is adding my own blends to my bath every night. I choose my oils based on my mood: Roman Chamomile oil helps sooth stress, Lavender oil is calming and relaxing, Peppermint oil is bright and energizing. At the office, my diffuser is always full of Turmeric oil to fight anxiety and Ginger oil for alertness.

As a constant traveler, I was looking for a way to bring my aromatherapy with me, but it’s tough to get a whole collection of essential oil bottles into a carry-on! That’s why I created our Aromatherapy Collection. They’re the perfect blends to get me through the stages of my day, and the roll-on applicator makes them super easy to carry and to use.

The best way to apply them for instant benefits is to put some in your palms, rub your hands together, then hold them over your nose and inhale deeply five times. I apply the Stress Treatment constantly (I always have at least one in my purse), when I arrive at the office, before a big meeting, or once I find my seat on a plane. Our Irritability Treatment is perfect for post-lunch or late afternoon, and it usually lives on my desk. I always use the Bedtime Treatment before bed, and my kids use it at bedtime, too. My husband even likes to put some on his pillow. The Love Potion is reserved for special or intimate moments.

Although our collection touches on many of the points throughout the day when I need an aromatherapy boost, I started to feel that something was missing. During one especially busy week, my employees were arriving for morning meetings feeling sluggish and exhausted, and we didn’t have a solution to give them the kickstart they needed. That’s when the idea for the Energy Treatment was born.

There are many different oils that can be energizing, but they’re all subtly different, so finding just the right combination was a challenge. I wanted something bright and revitalizing, but still warm and cheerful.

I’m so thrilled with the result: We really achieved exactly what I was hoping for. Jasmine oil has been used for thousands of years in parts of Asia to help fight depression and anxiety, and it enhances a sense of alertness and encourages attentiveness. Sweet Orange and Grapefruit oils promote feelings of exuberance to help fight lethargy and sluggishness. Geranium oil encourages and restores a sense of vitality. Together it’s the perfect blend to start your morning or for a midday pick-me-up.

The key to using aromatherapy is to have it on-hand when you need it, not let it just sit on your vanity. We designed our collection to be super portable and easy to apply on the go, so I always have some with me. I’ll be keeping an Energy Treatment in my toiletry bag for early morning starts, on my desk for boosts throughout the day, in my purse for when I’m running around, and even in my gym bag to help me get going for my workouts!

When do you need an energy boost the most?

  1. Aromatic Stress
    Aromatic Stress Treatment

    worry-free worry relief

  1. Aromatic Irritability
    Aromatic Irritability Treatment

    give yourself breathing room

  1. Aromatic Energy Treatment
    Aromatic Energy Treatment

    a portable pick-me-up for any time of day

  1. Love Potion
    Love Potion

    what's not to love

  1. Aromatic Bedtime
    Aromatic Bedtime Treatment

    your go-to-sleep go-to

  1. Be Well
    Be Well: Aromatic Mood Therapy Collection

    your tool kit for good vibes, anywhere

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