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Like Summer in a Bottle

Like Summer in a Bottle

Imagine your body and senses being transported to a faraway summer vacation. You’re strolling through a farm filled with Sweet Orange trees and their fruit is ripe, ready to be picked. You breathe in their fresh, citrusy aroma and you feel calm, clear-minded, and uplifted. 

From this sweet and vibrant scene and your love for this decadent treatment, we were inspired to bring back our Limited Edition Revitalizing Body Oil. For a limited time, you can enjoy this small-batch body oil that’s perfect for summer and experience its transformative effects for yourself.




      Depending on the season, our Sweet Orange essential oil originates from either Israel, South Africa, or Brazil. To ensure optimal freshness, the fruit rind is harvested before the oil is pressed and extracted. 


The benefits from essential oils are something we know all too well here at Tata Harper — and this Sweet Orange essential oil delivers a bundle of them. 


This soothing oil is known for its antioxidant properties and ability to deliver hydrating nourishment to the skin. It has a super silky feel and helps leave your body feeling irresistibly soft.


With its own fresh and citrusy scent, the aroma of this ethereal oil helps to unblock stagnant energy, promote positivity, and inspire a sense of calm. When breathing in its refreshing, natural scent, your mood is transformed into a state of serenity and optimism.



A refreshing, vibrant, and zesty aroma that energizes the mind, body, and spirit.


Released from the fragrant citrus fruit, this scent promotes a sense of mental clarity and confidence.


This minty yet refreshingly woodsy scent inspires a sense of calm and uplifting vitality.

Infused with an indulgent blend of antioxidants, nutrient-rich oils, and formulated for a silky-smooth feel, our Limited Edition Revitalizing Body Oil is the perfect addition to your summer routine. With every moment you choose to glide this irresistible treatment onto your skin, your body and senses will feel transported as you glow from head to toe.

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