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Look Good, Feel Good, Give Well

Look Good, Feel Good, Give Well

One of the best things about working at Tata Harper Skincare (besides our colleagues’ glowing skin!) is catching up with Tata all the time. It’s amazing to learn and work directly from a woman that inspires us so much.

Tata’s beauty philosophy for the holidays is not about simply looking great for parties or rushing to cross off an endless gifting to-do list. It is about glowing inside and out and radiating joy all season long.

Our holiday mantra is simple, but we believe it: look good, feel good, give well.

To feel good, we give ourselves a quiet moment. This is so challenging during the holidays, when we all put so much of ourselves out there. Pageants, parties, presents: the beauty of the season is in all the opportunities to connect with the people in our lives. And yet, when we take a quiet moment to ourselves to relax and reflect, we are in the best state of mind to enjoy the moments that matter all season. One of Tata’s favorite ways to do so is with nightly bath and a peaceful skincare regimen, breathing in the calming scents of some of our favorite products.

To look good, we give ourselves a little glow. Part of the joy of the holidays is feeling like every moment is an occasion, with the buzz of the season palpable everywhere we go. Our philosophy to looking good is simple: it is a celebration of yourself in your own skin. To enhance our unique selves, particularly when we have parties to attend, we love to use our Time to Shine set for instant glow. Trust us, everyone remembers the woman with the unbelievably radiant skin.

To give well, we give peace of mind. Wine is expected, flowers are overdone. We want to give those whom we care about a truly immersive experience free from toxic chemicals. Be it a friend, colleague, hostess, or family member, receiving a little green bottle fresh from our farm is a reason to celebrate.

We curated a few of our favorite gifts right here. And of course, we are here to help you directly. Call us at 877-321-8282 and we’ll help you customize the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Cheers to health, beauty, and giving well.


  1. Winter Wonders
    Winter Wonders

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  1. Time to Shine Set
    Time to Shine Set

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  1. Glow For It
    Glow For It Set

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