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Mornings With...

Mornings With...

We sat down with entrepreneurs Tata Harper and Jules Miller, founder of wellness vitamin company The Nue Co, for an insider look at each of their morning rituals. Whether you’re waking up to a rooster in Vermont or the bustling energy of New York City (or maybe somewhere in between), a healthy morning routine is customizable and comes in many shapes and sizes.

Tata Harper
Founder and CEO of Tata Harper Skincare
Location: Vermont

I typically wake up and the first thing I do - I know it’s a big faux pas! - is grab my phone and look at important emails or any priorities that have come up. I like to address anything urgent first thing, and then I'll catch up on the blogs I follow and any beauty or lifestyle news, which takes me about 20 minutes.

I then shower and do my whole skincare regimen. It’s important to adjust your skincare regimen to reflect the season. Right now I’ve being doing my fall skincare routine, which I will adjust once winter settles in here in Vermont.

After my skincare regimen, I sit down to have breakfast with my kids before school. Typically for breakfast I have eggs with onions and tomatoes, or chia pudding with berries, acai, and hemp and sunflower seeds, and a berry smoothie. I love adding The Nue Co's Energy Set which consists of the Milk Protein + Gut Food and the Energy Food + Prebiotic to my morning smoothie as well. It gives me a much needed energy boost in the morning. For me, breakfast really is the most important meal of day. I eat a lot for breakfast so I can start my day feeling energized.

Once the kids are off to school I go up to my bed, pull down my blinds, and meditate for 20 minutes before heading to the office. I like to get ready with Indian bhajans or meditations from Deepak Chopra, or something really relaxing and calming. I meditate most mornings, but it’s especially important for me on Mondays. It’s a great way to center myself and get myself ready to start the week.

Jules Miller
Founder of The Nue Co.
Location: New York/London

Invariably my morning starts with aiming to go to the gym and then deciding against it. I tend to get up quite early – around 6am when I’m at home in New York. I always try and start my day with 500ml of warm water, it was something I was told years ago by a nutritionist and it’s stayed with me. 

Until I moved to New York I was very lucky with my skin, it was so easy and never really broke out – I took it for granted! A few months of New York winter resulted in skin that was dry and sensitive but also breaking out. I saw a brilliant facialist at Rescue Spa in New York who advised me to strip my skin care back to basics. Streamlining my routine to the essentials not only saves me time, but it’s also made a huge difference to my skin. I don’t fully cleanse in the morning, I just splash my face with cool water. I’ve been using Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence for years - a spritz of that is the best way to start the day. I dress whilst that dries on my face, and then follow it with Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer.

My makeup routine takes less than three minutes – my staples are the RMS Uncover, Kjaer Weis blush and Tata Harper Very Highlighting which makes me look well rested. My last job is to get my sleepy French bulldog, Lola, out of bed. She has the sleeping tendencies of a grouchy teenager – always refusing to leave the warmth of her bed until the last minute!

I tend to leave my breakfast until I’m in the office. My daily go-to is our Plant Protein + Gut Food and our Skin Food + Prebiotic, I either stir them into yoghurt or whizz them up with some almond milk and a banana. Both are totally food-based so easy to digest and highly absorbable. One serving of our Skin Food + Prebiotic contains over 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, which is so important for encouraging skin cell renewal and overall glow. Our Plant Protein delivers the same amount of collagen stimulating protein as two eggs, as well as a 15 billion spore probiotic - in one tablespoon.

When people are having skin issues, the gut is often the last thing they think about but it should be the first! A study of 13,000 acne sufferers found that they were more likely to suffer from digestive issues, including bloating, so we need to start making that connection. Taking probiotics daily not only had a huge effect on the IBS I battled with for years, but also helped to sort out my skin.

We would love to hear more about your own personal morning rituals. We encourage you to explore, slow down, and enjoy your morning journey. Cheers to health and beauty xx

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