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Multi Masking (With Credo Spa!)

Multi Masking (With Credo Spa!)

At Tata Harper, we know that one product can’t solve every skin concern. One of our favorite hacks for addressing multiple skincare needs is multi-masking. Combining specialized treatments on different areas of the face can maximize the results you’re looking for. 

Let’s Break it Down: Think of your face like a map. Before you mask, map out all of the areas you would like to target and WHY. Maybe your t-zone is super oily, but the skin around your lips and chin is dull and dry. Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that - and it’s not one size fits all! Mix-and-match your treatments to customize your own masking ritual. Here’s how…

For Oily Areas:  

Apply a thick layer of our Clarifying Mask to areas that are prone to oily skin or blemishes - such as your t-zone, nose and chin. This will help control and reduce excess oil, keeping skin clear of blemishes while also reducing redness. You can also use the Clarifying Mask as a spot treatment if you have any active blemishes!

For Areas that Need Detox:  

Apply the Purifying Mask to areas of your skin that seem out of balance. This will give your skin an intense cleanse to purge impurities and help balance skin’s surface to return to its natural, healthy looking state. We like to apply this mask on our foreheads to make our skin look smoother and more youthful by better reflecting light.

For Overall Glow:  

Apply a thick layer of Resurfacing Mask to any (and all!) areas of your skin that need an extra dose of glow. We especially like to target our cheeks to accentuate glow around our eyes and upper cheek bones. Filled with fruit enzymes and natural sources to remove dull, dead skin cells, this mask will instantly improve overall skin texture and radiance.

Multi-Masking with Credo:  

Want to step-up your Tata Harper masking game even further?! We reached out to Dean Brown, an esthetician at our Tata Harper Spa at Credo in Chicago, to learn more about their best masking tips and ticks! 

Haven’t been to one of our Tata Harper Spas at Credo? You’re in for a treat! Each spa room is carefully curated to bring a piece of Vermont to you, while providing a full-service spa menu - and even some exclusive Tata Harper Masks! Read on for more insiders tips from Dean…

mask 2

Q: What’s the most popular facial at Credo? 

A: Our Credo Signature Facial would have to be our most popular one! This facial is a great introductory option for someone who has never had a facial before - because it really caters to different needs. Depending on skin concerns, we’ll completely personalize the techniques and products we use on your skin. 

And we always multi-mask! We always use at least two masks in this facial which usually include the Resurfacing Mask (for instant glow!) or the Moisturizing Mask if your skin is super dry. I really love the Intense Hydration Spa Exclusive mask - which is a powder formula with Lactic Acid from buttermilk that is then mixed with raw honey for an especially nourishing and healing treatment. 

Q: What’s your favorite treatment to give: which ones do you see immediate benefits with?

A: All of them! Literally all of them, everyone walks out of there glowing. My favorite is the Brightening Facial with Multi-Acid Peel (spa exclusive) - this leaves an instantly luminous and even-toned complexion. For this facial, we use our Total Complexion Reset System which is a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids to gently exfoliate and reveal fresher, brighter skin.

mask 3

Q: What are YOUR favorite Tata Harper products? 

A: The masks! I LOVE every single mask: the resurfacing, clarifying and purifying. My favorite combo is using the Clarifying Mask in the t-zone and any extra oily spots, and then the Resurfacing Mask everywhere else. 

Q: How would you tell people to give themselves an at-home spa moment if they don’t have time to go in for a treatment?

A: Life is busy! We totally get that. Luckily, there are so many ways to treat yourself to an at-home spa moment on the go. My favorite tip is telling customers all about the Tata Harper quick mini facial. Apply 1 or 2 pumps of the Regenerating Cleanser on dry skin, then layer on top a thick layer of the Resurfacing Mask. Wait 10-15 mins, wash off….and your skin will be GLOWING!

  1. Clarifying Mask
    Clarifying Mask

    Salicylic Acid + Lactic Acid Blemish Mask

  1. Purifying Label
    Purifying Mask

    Pore & Blackhead Detox Mask

  1. Resurfacing Mask
    Resurfacing Mask

    BHA + Enzyme Brightening Mask

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