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Need A Lift? Like A Face-Lift In A Bottle

Need A Lift? Like A Face-Lift In A Bottle

Let’s be real. A trip to the med spa? Fantastic, but nobody has time for that every day, or even every month. Consider our Boosted Contouring Duo 2.0 your daily dose.

Engineered with the most lifting + firming technology, our Boosted Contouring Serum & Eye Balm 2.0 work to transform the look of mature, sagging skin to restore a youthfully firm, lifted look.

So, How Do I Use These Supernatural Products? 

Step 1:

Apply after essence. Massage 1 to 2 pumps onto face and neck. Follow with eye treatment. Use AM & PM. 

To maximize results, apply the serum while your face is still damp from your essence. This will help your serum to penetrate deeper into your skin and work even better. 

This supernatural serum is packed with 62 high-performance ingredients from 24 countries and 0 synthetic chemicals.

Boosted Contouring Serum
Boosted Contouring Eye Balm

Step 2:

Apply after serum. Massage a small amount around the entire eye area. Follow with moisturizer. Use AM& PM. Avoid direct contact with eyes. 

Just like your eyes, the skin around your lips is thinner and more delicate. Apply around your lips, too, to hydrate, lift, and firm. This is Tata's favorite nighttime eye balm and in-flight essential. 

This supernatural eye balm is packed with 47 high-performance ingredients from 19 countries and 0 synthetic chemicals.

Radical Ingredients For Radical Results

Let’s dive deeper into some of our powerhouse ingredients in this lifting & firming duo. 

Edelweiss Stem Cells

Sourced from Belgium, this hero ingredient promotes skin tension to lift the look of sagging skin and restore the appearance of a youthfully sculpted neck line. 



Sourced from Malaysia, these amino acid-rich lipopeptides provide a triple firming effect that helps promote skin integrity, restore natural skin aging defenses, and tone the look of skin. 

Java Fruit

Sourced from India, this hero ingredient in our Eye Balm provides a triple action anti-fatigue effect that promotes circulation, helps detox the skin, and targets puffiness caused by water accumulation to improve the appearance of eye bags and dark shadows. 


Lifestyle Tips To Support Your Anti-Aging Regimen: 


Youthful and radiant skin often starts with how we eat! With our skin being the body’s largest organ, packing your diet with antioxidants, healthy fats, essential nutrients, and lots of water develops a glow that comes from within. Look to incorporate foods packed with Vitamin A, C, and E into your diet. These vitamins will work hard to repair skin tissue, improve skin elasticity, and promote collagen production. When we are in a rush, we love getting our daily antioxidants from Daily Harvest's delicious smoothies.


Staying active makes a huge difference in our lives and by keeping your body moving, you’re keeping your body young! You can keep things simple and fun by going on nature walks, signing up for a class at your local yoga studio, or taking a scenic bike ride. Every day you can pick something new and exciting to keep your body moving and feeling good. Just don’t forget to drink water!


Use a Jade Roller to give your skin a workout! This beauty tool will contour, ease tension, and detox by promoting lymphatic drainage. Not only will jade rolling help with circulation & inflammation, you can also use it along with your Boosted Contouring Serum, allowing the supernatural product to penetrate deeper into your skin barrier to be even more effective. 

Our busy days can be really straining for our eyes, leaving them longing for some extra TLC. Placing Orbits Eye Stones around your eyes for a few minutes will ease stress and inspire a sense of relief whether you’re feeling tired from late nights or drained from too much screen time. Watch under-eye puffiness and dark circles slip away after treating yourself to this therapeutic practice.

Still Have Questions?  

Contact our Skincare Concierge team for any additional questions on how to use these two powerful anti-aging treatments in your daily regimen. 

  1. Boosted Contouring Serum
    Boosted Contouring Serum

    Firming & Lifting Décolleté and Face Serum

  1. Boosted Contouring Eye Balm
    Boosted Contouring Eye Balm

    Triple Retinol Firming & Lifting Eye Balm

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