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new! clarifying moisturizer for blemish prone skin

new! clarifying moisturizer for blemish prone skin

I was inspired to create our new Clarifying Moisturizer after I heard from a lot of clients that they have trouble finding products that will address blemishes and their aging concerns at the same time. That’s what’s so great about this new product, it treats blemishes without compromising on age-defying results. The reality is that blemishes are not just a teen issue: anyone can experience redness, inflammation and breakouts.

To return your skin to a balanced, healthy state you don’t need to use aggressive or irritating treatments which can cause excessive drying or peeling! That’s why the philosophy of our Clarifying Collection is to target blemishes while also hydrating to heal the look of your skin.

Caring for blemish-prone skin is not just a once in awhile thing, or something you should do only when you have a visible blemish – it needs to be part of your daily routine. This is why it’s crucial to have a consistent and complete daily regimen. Just as you care for other parts of your body everyday, like brushing your teeth or even showering, you also need to take care of your skin!

Blemish-prone formulas from other companies can contain harsh and aggressive ingredients that promote over-drying – that is not a healthy way to treat problem areas! In order to diminish and prevent blemishes, a blend of copper, magnesium and zinc in our Clarifying Moisturizer work together as natural astringents to eliminate buildup and congestion, without drying out your skin. Plant Sugar Extracts boost the beneficial flora on the surface of the skin by infusing good bacteria. When your skin’s protective barrier is flourishing, blemishes can’t. To make sure the skin is properly nourished and to help it heal itself, I included a Blend of Superfruits and Plant extracts that specifically soothe, calm and support the skin with nutrition and antioxidants.

I want to hear from you – has your skin become blemish-prone as you’ve gotten older?

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    Clarifying Moisturizer

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