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our pricing philosophy

our pricing philosophy

A question we’re commonly asked, whether it’s in conversation with people curious about our products, or new to natural skincare, is – why do our products cost so much? It’s a fair question and because transparency is so important to us as a company, we thought we would address it here on our blog by giving you a full, honest explanation of our pricing philosophy and how it relates to our values as a company.

The research and development process from which our formulas are born is different than that of other beauty companies. We do not start out with a limited budget in mind, such as x cents allowed to be spent on each ingredient. Instead, we go into product development with a skin problem that we want to find a solution for. Our primary goal is then to find the very best natural, non-toxic ingredients available in the world that will yield the most dramatic results. These ingredients are always more expensive than the mass-produced, lower-quality versions, but we believe that your skin deserves the very best. We do not include ingredients for marketing purposes, but rather only for the benefits they deliver to your skin, health and wellness overall.

We believe that every ingredient in a product should benefit your skin – no useless fillers! Our products contain unprecedented concentrations of active natural ingredients – between 9 and 29 per bottle. The average cleanser or age-defying cream available on the market contains between 1 and 3! Think of it this way: to get the same number of active ingredients that work to moisturize, regenerate and exfoliate your skin as our Rebuilding Moisturizer (28 actives) you would need to buy 9 bottles of generic facial moisturizer! If you look at it this way, you’re getting a lot of value out of 1 Tata Harper bottle, because our ratio of active ingredients to inactive ingredients is so much higher than that of other products on the market.

We try to be ecologically sustainable every step of the way, by buying sustainably sourced Vermont electricity to power our production facilities (cow power from Vermont farms!), recycleable glass bottles, recycled shipping and packing materials, and treeless labels, all of which are more expensive than the alternatives. We believe that businesses should take responsibility for their contributions to the degradation of our environment and also believe that if we talk the talk, we should walk the walk (no greenwashing!). Plus, all of our R&D, manufacturing, packaging and shipping happens in one place, giving us a very small carbon footprint compared to other companies where materials are shipped to and fro. Outsourcing aspects of the production process can cut costs, but we feel strongly about owning the process from start to finish to ensure that our quality standards are met and also so we can fully understand each step, from growing the ingredients to designing the packaging.

We feel that we should only be putting totally healthy, trustworthy stuff on our bodies to keep our synthetic chemical exposure to a minimum. We feel that the same applies to food – buying certified Organic foods ensures that you’re not ingesting pesticides, herbicides or fungicides with each bite, which certainly do not belong in our bodies. Unfortunately, due to our economy’s agricultural subsidy system among other reasons, Organic food isn’t cheap. But we believe that paying that premium price to ensure that you’re getting the healthiest option available is worth it, whether it’s food or skincare, because what is more important than your and your family’s health, as well as your right to choose whether or not you want to be ingesting chemicals?

We are so grateful for all of the support, enthusiasm and understanding we have received from our friends, customers and fans and want the trusting relationship we have built with you all to continue through the years! We are always open to questions, discussion and conversation – please feel that you can always reach out to us for any reason at all. We hope you believe as much as we do in high-quality, no-nonsense natural skincare and wellness products that deliver on their promises for results and feel wonderful to use. Thanks!