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Our Staff’s 2018 Self Care Goals

Our Staff’s 2018 Self Care Goals

The last week of the year is a great time to channel all the positive holiday vibes and set some goals! Here’s how we plan to take better care of ourselves in the new year and beyond.

“I’m going to practice meditation for 20 minutes every morning to start the day off with peace and clarity, not rushed and stressed.” - Michelle, Digital Producer

“I want to develop a daily affirmation. And I really want to create a bath time ritual.”Allegra, PR

Earlier bedtimes, set monthly intentions, and see more amazing art! And be more vigilant about manicures and eyebrows - it's the small things.” - Alysha, Social Media

“Take more quiet solitary walks in the woods to connect with nature.” - Ren, Senior Designer

“Use candles instead of light bulbs in the evening to change the energy.” - Molly, Digital Producer

“I’m going to anticipate known stressors and better prepare for them, rather than try to treat them afterwards. I plan to get organized before an upcoming deadline or event and have creature comforts readily available. Maybe a DIY anti-stress kit of essential oils, balms, stones, keepsakes - things like that.Cassie, Customer Care

“We talk a lot about "self-care" but sometimes it feels better to give than receive. Self-care can also mean taking time to care for your loved ones. Reserving time in your day for friends and family and being mindfully present with them.” - Astrid, eCommerce

“I’m going to do something every day that gets me outside and moving - even when it’s freezing in Vermont! And I plan to journal daily so that I can better focus on the big picture, and worry less about the little things.” - Emily, Digital Content

"My self care goal for 2018 is to practice mindfulness as frequently as possible. As someone who is future focused and detail oriented, sometimes I forget to appreciate (and enjoy!) the present, and I would really like to change that." - Cara, VP of Research and Development

 Cheers to the new year! What are your self-care goals?

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