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Powered by Gel Water Technology

Powered by Gel Water Technology

Have you heard? Our Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer is launching with brand new Gel Water Technology! Engineered as a new approach to fighting oily skin, we believe in nourishing and replenishing, rather than irritating and over drying. Water Gel Technology drenches the skin in intense ultra-lightweight hydration to help restore moisture levels without feeling weighed down. In addition, powerful antioxidants work to brighten the skin and fight free radicals.

So, what exactly is Gel Water Technology and what makes this such a magical ingredient in fighting oily skin? Read on to get the inside scoop - and see for yourself what weightless hydration is all about...

Let's Break It Down...

Our Gel Water technology is formulated with a three-part hydration system: chia seed water, marsh samphire, and tremella mushroom. This unique technology works to lock in moisture by creating a unique membrane. This membrane works similarly to a moisture barrier, by trapping in water and minimizing natural, everyday water loss… without weighing you down!

1. Chia Seed Water 

Chia is a desert plant that produces tiny black seeds. These seeds are known as ingestible superfoods, but also produce an incredibly protective topical mucilage when they are soaked in water. This chia seed water provides intense moisturization and immediately smooth the skin. The skin barrier is strengthened, and water loss is decreased.


2. Marsh Samphire

Marsh Samphire is a salt tolerant succulent that grows on marshes and beaches in France. This ingredient works to enhance aquaporins natural efficacy. Aquaporins, also known as water channels, transfer water between our skin cells! This means with the aid of marsh samphire, hydration is evenly distributed throughout the skin, boosting your internal water content. Marsh samphire provides immediate and long-lasting hydration.  


3. Tremella Mushroom

Tremella Mushroom, also known as the silver ear mushroom, is cultivated in China. Tremella Mushroom is a powerful hydrator due to its polysaccharides, which allow it to hold around five times the water content of hyaluronic acid! These polysaccharides form a film to help protect your skin barrier, smooth and plump the skin, and lock in moisture!


The Result?

Your skin will feel ultra-hydrated, never heavy. These three powerhouse ingredients work cohesively to lock in moisture and prevent dehydrated skin. So, get ready summer....we've finally got oily skin beat! 

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