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Q&A: Purifying vs Clarifying

Q&A: Purifying vs Clarifying

What's the difference between the Purifying family and the Clarifying family?

Our Clarifying family is formulated for oily, blemish prone skin with redness and inflammation. So, the formulas have ingredients to balance sebum, soothe irritated skin, decrease redness, and fight blemishes and blackheads.
Purifying is for all skin types, and is focused on removing the toxins that our skin comes in contact with every day, such as pollution and other debris. The ingredients draw out impurities, clear debris off skin surface and pores, and help reduce the ability of pollution (particulate matter) to stick to the skin.

What ingredients in the Purifying Cleanser and Purifying Mask actually fight pollution? How does that work?

White Clay draws out impurities and debris, e.g. particulate matter stuck in the pores.
Prickly Pear Seed Oil is an antioxidant rich with Vitamin E and Betalains to fight free radicals.
Broccoli Extract promotes detoxification enzymes, Vitamin P (antioxidant) helps fight free radicals, helps prevent particulate matter from adhering to the skin.
Papaya & Pomegranate Enzymes exfoliate skin to remove trapped debris and particulate matter.

How does pollution affect my skin?

Toxins & environmental exposure / free radicals increase visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
The biggest danger pollution poses to our skin is an overload of free radical damage. The Free Radical Theory of Aging believes that free radicals are responsible (due to their high reactivity) for age-associated damage of cells and tissues resulting in the visible signs of aging. This is why Antioxidants are such important parts of skincare, as they scavenge and neutralize free radicals to prevent cell and tissue damage. In addition to free radicals, particulate matter is related to blemish incidence due to its ability to clog pores. 

Does the Purifying family help with breakouts and blemish prone skin?

Our Purifying family is like a juice cleanse for your face. It will help pull impurities out of pores and decrease sebum. It's great to detox the skin but we recommend the Clarifying Line to treat blemish prone skin.

Will the Purifying Cleanser make my pores look smaller?

Yes, because it pulls out the debris and absorbs the oil with white clay, causing pores to constrict.

  1. Purifying Cleanser
    Purifying Cleanser

    Your Anti-Pollution, Pore-Purifying Cleanser

  1. Purifying Label
    Purifying Mask

    Your Anti-Pollution, Pore-Purifying Detox Treatment

  1. Clarifying Cleanser
    Clarifying Cleanser

    Your Blemish Clearing Cleanser

  1. Clarifying Spot Solution
    Clarifying Spot Solution

    Your Nourishing Spot Treatment

  1. Clarifying Moisturizer
    Clarifying Moisturizer

    Your Lightweight, Blemish Clearing Moisturizer

  1. Clarifying Mask
    Clarifying Mask

    Your Complexion Clearing Treament

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