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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Here at Tata Harper Skincare, we’re a vertically integrated company, which means every step of conceiving our products is done here on our farm– this even includes growing some of the powerful ingredients. The decision to create everything here gives us the ability to ensure that we produce our products at the highest quality with the utmost care, so we’re continually seeking out ways to improve. That’s why, by 2021 we hope to have the Regenerative Organic Certification, so we can give back to the earth.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a farming practice that enables carbon drawdown and improvements in the water cycle through rebuilding and restoring soil matter and biodiversity. Regeneration International describes regenerative agriculture as “a holistic land management practice that leverages the power of photosynthesis in plants to close the carbon cycle and build soil health, crop resilience, and nutrient density.” This allows us to contribute to the health of our soil and water, as well as the overall health of our planet.



Progressively improve whole agroecosystems (soil, water, and biodiversity).


Create context-specific designs and make holistic decisions that express the essence of each farm.


Ensure and develop just and reciprocal relationships amongst all stakeholders.


Continually grow and evolve individuals, farms, and communities to actualize their innate potential.


Stay tuned for future garden updates to hear about our progress and our journey to the Regenerative Organic Certification. Want to join the conversation? Check out our Instagram.


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