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Something Old, Something Sahroo

Something Old, Something Sahroo

….something borrowed, something blue. On your big day, there are a million things to worry about, but glowing skin for you and your bridesmaids should not be one of them. We are so excited to have relaunched our Team Bride Glow Kit with our new cult-favorite Very Flashy highlighter to add the perfect golden touches on your big day. 

To celebrate this relaunch, we spent an afternoon with Sarah Abbasi, founder of the luxurious and eco-friendly, Sahroo. We love Sarah’s skin-first philosophy, her appreciation of sustainable luxury, and obsession with all things Tata Harper (in particular, the Concentrated Brightening Essence, and Hydrating Floral Mask...have you seen her medicine cabinet? #goals). Her lavish and exquisite Sahroo designs make us swoon, and we couldn’t wait to meet Sarah in person.

Read on for our chat with Sarah, and why she recommends our Team Bride Glow Kit to all of her clients.

Tata Harper Bridal

Q: We love how much you love Tata Harper products. Why are you such a fan of our Team Bride Glow Kit– and how do you use it? How can your clients benefit from it?

Sahroo is incredibly opulent and over the top. From glass beads to intricate detailing, everything about our designs is luxury. The thought process is when wearing such exquisite design, you don’t need a whole lot of layering extra products (makeup).

Tata Harper Bridal

If you look at this kit holistically, it has everything you need for a healthy glowing complexion. First I would buff my skin with the Regenerating Cleanser to physically exfoliate before layering the Resurfacing Mask right on top. This powerful exfoliation combo gives me such an amazing glow. After performing the “Glow Getter,” I apply a LOT of Hydrating Floral Essence, and Illuminating Moisturizer (sometimes I even mix in a little oil to my moisturizer for extra glow). I finish with Very Flashy anywhere I need a little extra oomph.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Q: What is your ethos to wedding makeup?

A lot of our brides subscribe to a skin-first beauty philosophy. It’s important on your big day to have healthy skin, and let your own internal beauty shine.

We’re in a moment where however you are, is beautiful. Your wedding day is all about being the healthiest and most beautiful version of yourself, and on that day– you want to feel like you.

Q: What’s your most important beauty secret and who did you learn it from?

Skin first, always. I grew up on the north shore of Chicago, and when I was about thirteen – remember that was the time everybody was having a bat mitzvah, well – I was going to a bat mitzvah. This was also around the time I started experimenting with makeup.

I was upstairs putting on a ton of my Mother’s makeup, I don’t even think I washed my face first (or moisturized) *laughs*.

Tata Harper Skincare

I came downstairs and my Mom told me I looked very beautiful but if I don’t take care of my skin it won’t matter how much makeup I wear– it won’t look good. My Mom really taught me that good skin is the foundation of everything from a very young age.

Q: What is coming up for you in 2020?

I’m not going to say much, but we are launching a much larger bridal collection in October, and doing a lot of wonderful press about sustainability and sustainable luxury. I am very excited about it!

Q: Can you leave our readers with one tip to become more environmentally conscious?

Sahroo Bridal Designs

Oh, it can be so overwhelming! We look at the pending climate change and think, “what can we possibly do?” I think my tip would be to find a habit that you do daily and make an effort to be more environmentally aware.

For example, if you buy a coffee daily on your way to work, bring your own reusable cup. Don’t focus on the impending doom of climate change, just focus on one daily habit and go from there. These little changes will slowly add up and make a big difference!

We couldn't agree more, Sarah!

Sahroo Bridal

With captivating stories behind every garment, Sahroo defines luxury bridal while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable. The bridal collections are comprised of hand-crafted garments made from biodegradable pure silk, hand-embellished with silk ribbons, silk threads, and recyclable glass crystals.

To learn more about Sarah’s exquisite designs you can visit or find them on instagram @sahroo.official

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