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A healthy and vibrant life extends beyond the products you use. Stay in the glow with Tata's take on wellness, balance, and the next generation of beauty.

  1. Batched With Jenny Lopez

    Batched With Jenny Lopez

    Last month we invited Blogger, Model and Mega-mom, Jenny Lopez to Vermont so we could show her how we do things here on the farm. She joined us in our batch room to help us whip together some of our best-selling Rejuvenating Serum.

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    Special series From Vermont
  1. Spotlight on: the way u

    Spotlight on: the way u

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  2. RegiMEN: Henry Harper

    RegiMEN: Henry Harper

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  3. Spa Highlights

    Spa Highlights

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  4. Ingredient Highlight: Tomato Carotenoids

    Ingredient Highlight: Tomato Carotenoids

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  5. Complex formula: Resurfacing Serum

    Complex formula: Resurfacing Serum

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  6. Monthly Mood: Forest Bathing

    Monthly Mood: Forest Bathing

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  7. Monthly Mood: Power

    Monthly Mood: Power

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  8. Complex Formula: Clarifying Cleanser

    Complex Formula: Clarifying Cleanser

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  9. A Note from Tata about our Clarifying Family

    A Note from Tata about our Clarifying Family

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