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Summer Hideaways: Our Journey To Lake Garda, Italy

Summer Hideaways: Our Journey To Lake Garda, Italy

To us, summer is all about exploration. We love finding beauty in the unexpected, and this season we’ve been drawn to finding our own little pockets of the world that evoke this sense of wonder.

So, what exactly is a Summer Hideaway? More than just a vacation, a hideaway is a feeling in the soul. It’s about finding a sanctuary of wellness where one can embark on a journey of both exquisite taste and deep care and discovery for oneself.

Our first summer hideaway is nestled in the unexpected region of northern Italy. While the typical destinations to achieve  ‘La Dolce Vita’ are Rome or the Amalfi Coast, we looked deeper beyond the surface and discovered the town of Gargnano in Lake Garda, Italy. And there, we found bliss.

So, What's The Vibe Here? 

The Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli is an idyllic hideaway dripping with old-world charm. Arriving to the property is like stepping into an 18th-century masterpiece filled with frescoed ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and marble baths. It’s a place where stories are hidden (and ready to be discovered) in every nook and cranny and has been a place for love letters and poetry for thousands of years.


And then there’s Lake Garda. Wrapped in lemon groves, olive trees, and lush country land, Garda glistens in its own right. It’s the perfect place for some much-needed R&R, where you can let the breezy fresh water air calm your mind and regenerate your spirit.

Let's Take A Little Step Back in Time...

Originally built in 1892 for the fabulously wealthy Feltrinelli family, the villa on its shore was restored to its former glory in 2001 and transformed into one of Europe’s smallest and most luxurious hotels.

Ancient Roman writers were among the first to use the area as a summer escape, and it’s not hard to understand why the glistening lake and flowery banks sparked inspiration for artists and poets alike. D.H Lawrence described the area as “one of the most beautiful places on earth,” and we think he was on to something!

The Story-Book Hotel

It’s like being wrapped up in the best of old world charm and modern luxury.

Italy Italy
italy italy

The extravagant grandeur of the hotel is hard to beat, but it's also a wonderfully relaxed and laid back atmosphere. It’s like being wrapped up in the best of old world charm and modern luxury.

With 20 unique rooms and suits, the villa feels cozy and private. The bedrooms are huge and ornate, with port-hole windows overlooking Lake Garda on one side and the storied mountains on the other. The best part? The bathrooms feel like your very own luxe spa, with marble bathtubs, pale pink walls, Acqua Di Parma goodies, and candles and fresh flowers appearing at your beck-and-call.

Farm-to-Fork, For Real



Flavors that remain in your memory and dishes that fill you with admiration, like true works of art.

A bucket-list destination for foodies who want to experience the award-winning olive oils and freshly caught lake fish, the dining alone is a reason to visit Villa Feltrinelli. The mineral rich soil deposited from the glacier makes for incredibly fertile gardens and vineyards filled with plump grapes.

The restaurant — with two Michelin stars — boasts a simple yet exquisite menu. The executive chef, Stefano Baiocco, whips up innovative dishes that are all beautifully decorated with fresh herbs and edible flowers straight from the garden.

At Villa Feltrinelli food becomes part of the sensory experience, with the harmony of flavors and fresh ingredients giving you a dining experience you’ll be dreaming about for the rest of your life.

The Regeneration Lounge

The Spa at Villa Feltrinelli is unlike anything you’ve experienced.

spa spa
Spa Spa

We may be biased, but an incredible spa treatment is the icing on top of an already incredible (and restorative) getaway. 

Rather than a traditional spa, the villa’s warm and secluded Regeneration Lounge offers guests exclusive Tata Harper signature beauty treatments and massages. This was our first stop post jetlag to treat our skin to some much needed TLC. With superstar hydrators like our Hydrating Floral Mask and Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer, our skin felt super soft and moisturized, without being weighed down. 

The best part? The Lounge offers bespoke treatments tailored to each clients preferences. If you would rather have a facial and massage set up in the cozy shade of the lemon groves, your wish is their command!   

The Nature

lemon lemon
nature nature

It was a perfect reminder for the need to slow down and appreciate simplicity.

Wandering the grounds of Villa Feltrinelli, we felt intimately aware of the synergy between wellness and nature. Lush lemon groves and ancient magnolia trees shaded the property while the gardens bloomed with the most beautiful roses and lavender fields. 

Being surrounded by these beautiful botanicals reminded us of our own gardens in the lush farmland of Vermont. We carried our Hydrating Floral Essence and Lip and Cheek Tints everywhere during this trip to indulge our senses and heighten this experience of natural beauty.

The Takeaway

final italy

From the sun-soaked shores of Lake Garda, to the enchanting atmosphere of the hotel, Villa Feltrinelli is the perfect summer hideaway destination. It’s a place where time seems to have been put on hold to make space for dreams and contemplation. In a sense, it sparks the soul.

This timeless little corner of the world gave us time to reflect on the natural beauty surrounding us, and within us. This is the essence of a Summer Hideaway. It’s about finding beauty in simplicity and a sense of serenity in nature, evoking the spirit that a true hideaway is attainable to all of us, no matter where you are - you just have to look below the surface.

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