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sz blockprints

sz blockprints
Picture this: A small village in Jaipur with local artisans that hand make prints in order to give back to their community. This little village is sustainable through ethical sourcing and the simplicity of conscious values. These are the stories that we hold close to our heart here at Tata Harper Skincare, because we too believe in this business model and know that the future of sustainability lies within our community standards.
sz blockprints

We’ve partnered with the incredible Sarah Zellweger, a London based designer and the creator of SZ Blockprints, on our newest gift with purchase. This versatile travel pouch, with green stripe print on the outside and banana leaf print on the inside, easily transforms into a reusable cross body beach bag. All of the patterns from SZ Blockprints are researched before hand to understand the history and personal origin of the pattern. The printing is completely done by hand in Jaipur and the process is all carried out by a master craftsman, who might dedicate up to ten hours per print in order to achieve the desired look. The hours spent on each print is all subject to how many colors are used and the intricacy of the detailing. This slow and heartfelt process is something that SZ Blockprints prides itself on and we could not be happier standing beside them. In addition, every purchase will go towards empowering women in India and directly impacting the future education of young girls within this community.

Sz block prints

Tata, along with Pav, our Creative Director, worked closely with Sarah to design this particular print for Tata Harper Skincare. The bright green color is a constant reminder of the collaboration between two socially conscious brands and the strong impact we all have if we choose a green lifestyle. Whether this bag accompanies you on your travels, serves you as a beach bag this summer, or adds a little style to your work tote, we hope you’ll wear it with pride in knowing your purchase helps make the world a little brighter for the women of Jaipur.

SZ blockprint